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Party building online

Party building online


Our school organizes to watch the warning education film "Out of Control"

release time : 2018-10--16 Click volume : 1
In order to further strengthen anti-corruption warning education and strengthen the sense of honesty and self-discipline of leading cadres, on the afternoon of October 15, the Disciplinary Committee of the College organized all faculty and staff to watch the warning education film "Out of Control" in the academic lecture hall - Wang Chuanmin seriously violated the law Case Warning Record.      The "Out of Control" "Yahao" was jointly produced by the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Shandong Radio and Television. It mainly described the former party member and deputy director of the Shandong Grain Bureau, Wang Chuanmin, who used his position to violate the law, playthings and temptations, and distorted by greed. Personality, loss of party spirit, and ultimately to corruption, resulting in a typical case of being trapped.      By watching the warning education film, a profound party style and clean government education was conducted for the majority of party members and cadres. Everyone said that in the future, they will use the typical example of the opposite to warn, to establish a sense of integrity, to use the power of the hands, to be clear-headed, to do things in a down-to-earth manner, to improve the ability to resist corruption and prevent change, and to create a good and honest campus politics. Ecology.
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