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Weihai Technician College New Apprenticeship Management Measures

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Weihai Technician College New Apprenticeship Management Measures

(Summary description)

Weihai Technician College New Apprenticeship Management Measures

(Summary description)

First, the guiding ideology
    In order to implement the spirit of the “Notice on the Pilot Work of the New Apprenticeship System of the General Office of the Ministry of Finance of the Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security”, with the aim of serving employment and economic and social development, adapting to the requirements of modern enterprise development and industrial transformation and upgrading, innovative enterprises The training mode of skilled personnel, reforming the traditional apprenticeship training mode, exploring the pilot program of new apprenticeships, perfecting and perfecting the new mechanism of enterprise skill talents, and providing support for improving the professional ability and professional quality of workers, promoting the development of enterprises and the transformation of economic development mode.
    Second, training objectives
    The college should closely focus on the needs of enterprises, and combine the characteristics of most of the employees with intermediate vocational qualifications, and achieve the requirements of senior professional qualifications through systematic theory and operational skills learning and enterprise fixed-post practice. Let apprentices become five good talents with good professional skills, high professional quality, strong adaptability, sound personality, and mental health. After the end of the apprenticeship training, they can smoothly enter the enterprise to adapt to the job skills needs.
    Third, the training method
    The modern apprenticeship training method is adopted, which means that the apprentices are taught by the instructors of the school, and the instructors of the schools are taught in the enterprise positions. And use the Internet + vocational education thinking, centralized training, network correspondence and other training methods.
    Fourth, the development of teaching plans
    Guided by the needs of corporate positions, combined with the way the colleges train talents, the two sides jointly sent instructors, set up a modern apprenticeship teaching and research section, and prepared a syllabus. According to the requirements of the syllabus, on the basis of the face-to-face teaching courses of the enterprise tutors and the school full-time instructors, you can use the video recording position practical skills, animation, pictures and other forms to demonstrate the post practical theory, and produce excellent network courseware to form Complete learning and training methods.
    V. Ways of cooperation
    1. The college set up a “new apprenticeship training base for Weihai Technician College” in a cooperative enterprise to carry out training and teaching.
    2. The college and the cooperative enterprise are jointly responsible for formulating the teaching plan according to the standards promulgated by the human and social departments, mainly engaged in the teaching tasks of senior workers.
    3. The student provided by the college for the cooperative enterprise is registered as a part-time student of Weihai Technician College.
    4. The college is responsible for organizing the cooperative enterprises to provide teachers and teachers outside the teaching staff to carry out teaching work.
    5. The college arranges teaching according to the ratio of theoretical teaching and training internship 4:6, and adopts online teaching to carry out teaching.
    6. The cooperative enterprise provides lectures, training, and internships in the enterprise to meet the teaching work of a certain number of students.
    7. The cooperative enterprise provides the students with the training and learning source, and reaches the determined scale of both parties.
    8. Cooperative enterprises provide the school with real and effective information on training students to register part-time students.
    9. The cooperative enterprise provides lectures, training, and internship teachers who meet the teaching requirements in the affiliated enterprises.
    10. The cooperative enterprise will allocate the training expenses to the financial department in the construction of cooperative professional and the expenditure of teaching expenses of both parties.
    11. The cooperative enterprise signs an training agreement with the apprentice to clarify the training objectives, training content and duration, and assessment methods.
    12. Students complete their studies, pass the examination and pass the examination, and issue the corresponding level of vocational qualification certificate and training certificate.
    Sixth, cooperation professional management institutions
    1. The decision-making level is determined by both the college and the cooperative enterprise. Each of the two sides assigns a deputy to be responsible for organizing and coordinating the work.
    2. The executive agency, each side sent a number of personnel, responsible for teaching and training management.
    3. The faculty team consists of both parties to complete the teaching and training program.
    4. The college focuses on the theoretical teaching work.
    5. The cooperative enterprise is responsible for the entire teaching management work, focusing on practical training and student organization.

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