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Weihai Technician College Students Daily Behavioral Code

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Weihai Technician College Students Daily Behavioral Code

(Summary description)

Weihai Technician College Students Daily Behavioral Code

(Summary description)

First, obey the law, study diligently
    1. Comply with the Constitution and laws, maintain social stability, and be brave in fighting bad behavior.
    2. Comply with school rules, school discipline, obey management, and maintain a good teaching order.
    3. Clarify the purpose of learning, correct the attitude of learning, and adhere to the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and body.
    4. Concentrate on class, actively think about problems, and complete homework on time and independently.
    5. Diligently study hard basic skills, and strive to master basic theoretical knowledge and professional operational skills.
    Second, respect the teacher, unite classmates
    6. Respect faculty and staff, receive coaching and guidance.
    7. Honest and trustworthy, enthusiasm.
    8. Unite classmates, mutual help, mutual understanding, mutual accommodation.
    9. Love class, love school, maintain collective honor, and actively participate in group activities.
    Third, love labor, civilized production
    10. Love the majors, follow professional ethics, correct the labor attitude, and learn from the master with humility.
    11. Comply with labor discipline, strictly abide by operating procedures, adhere to civilized production, and complete production internship tasks.
    12. Care for equipment, tools, energy and raw materials, and focus on economic benefits.
    Fourth, obey the public morals
    13. Respect the personality, religious beliefs and national customs of others.
    14. Respecting the old and loving the young, helping others.
    15. Obey the traffic rules, maintain public order, and protect public property.
    16. Save water, electricity, food, and not pursue material enjoyment.
    17. Respect the opinions and teachings of parents and report to parents about life, study and thoughts.
    Five, self-respect, self-love, instrumental dignity
    18. Sitting, standing, walking, reading, writing and correct posture.
    19. Dressed neatly and plainly.
    20. Behave with civility, courtesy, attitude and embarrassment.
    21. No smoking, no alcohol, no early love.
    22. Do not gamble, do not fight, do not participate in feudal superstition activities, do not pass on yellow books, video.
    23. Maintain national dignity and interests, and do things that are detrimental to nationality and personality.

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