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Weihai Technician College National Scholarship Implementation Plan and Management Measures

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Weihai Technician College National Scholarship Implementation Plan and Management Measures

(Summary description)

Weihai Technician College National Scholarship Implementation Plan and Management Measures

(Summary description)

In order to implement the “Implementation Opinions of the Shandong Provincial People's Government on Establishing and Perfecting the Policy System for the Financial Work of Students with Financial Difficulties in Colleges and Secondary Vocational Schools” (Lu Zhengfa [2007] No. 14), refer to the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Provincial Labor. The “Implementation Measures for the Administration of National Financial Aid for Secondary Vocational Schools in Shandong Province” [2007] No. 39 and Lu Ren [2016] No. 43 on the spirit of the notification document on strengthening the management and supervision of student financial institutions in the province, combined with the actual situation of our hospital This method is specially formulated.
    I. Funding targets and funding standards
    The national bursary support is for students who have full-time formal academic qualifications in the first and second grades of agriculture and non-agricultural families.
    The national bursary is jointly funded by the central and local governments and is mainly used to subsidize the living expenses of students. The funding standard is 2,000 yuan per student per year.
    Second, the application conditions
    1. Love the socialist motherland and support the leadership of the Communist Party of China.
    2. Comply with the Constitution and laws, abide by the school's rules and regulations, and demonstrate the school's student code of conduct.
    3. Respect teachers, unite classmates, care for the collective, be honest and trustworthy, and have good moral qualities.
    4. Diligent study, positive progress, no obsession with Internet cafes, frequent absenteeism, etc.
    5. Family economic difficulties, simple life, no bad habits such as alcoholism and gambling.
    Third, the organization
    The college established a national bursary review committee to guide and supervise the review.
    Director: Dean of the College
    Deputy Director: Associate Dean of Student Affairs
    Committee: Director of the Department of Finance Director of the Department of Finance Department Director
    The judging committee has an office, the office is located in the student office, and each department (department) establishes a judging panel to be responsible for the reporting and evaluation of national bursaries of various departments (departments).
    Team leader: Director of each department
    Deputy leader: deputy director of student work
    Member: Department (Department) Officer
    Fourth, review and declaration
    Before September 30 of each year, students of all departments (departments) may apply to the college and submit the Application Form for National Privatacy of Secondary Vocational Schools according to the application conditions and other regulations of the national stipends prescribed in these Measures. The evaluation teams of each department (department) shall accept the application of students according to these Measures, organize the preliminary examination, submit a list of national bursary support, and publish the results of the preliminary examination within the department for not less than 5 working days. After the public announcement has no objection, the "Summary Table of National Student Financial Aid for Secondary Vocational Schools" will be compiled and reported to the Student Office for summary. The Office of the National Scholarship Evaluation Committee reviews the results of the evaluations of the departments (departments). After the approval, it is submitted to the National Scholarship Evaluation Committee for approval, and the list of students who have received funding is publicized within the hospital. After the public announcement has no objection, the college will summarize the list of students who are expected to enjoy the student funds.
    Strengthen the dynamic management of student status, strictly follow the electronic information system for student registration, and review the bursary application. Complete the registration of new students in the spring and fall semester and the national bursary declaration before April 20 and October 20 of each year.
    V. Grant, supervision and management of grants
    The college should strengthen the management of funding work, establish and improve relevant methods and review mechanisms, conscientiously do a good job in the evaluation and issuance of state bursaries, and ensure the openness, fairness and fairness of the funding work.
    Special funds are earmarked for state bursaries. The National Scholarship Evaluation Committee of the College will adopt practical measures to increase supervision and inspection of the evaluation and distribution of scholarships. For those who violate the rules such as interception, seizure and misappropriation of financial funds, the relevant personnel will be held liable.
    If the student disagrees with the assessment result, he or she may challenge the assessment team of the department (department) in an effective manner. The department (department) assessment team shall reply within 3 working days after receiving the objection material. If there is still any objection to the reply of the department (department) review team, the student may be submitted to the student for reconsideration in an effective manner. The student office shall reply within 3 working days after receiving the reconsideration request. If the situation is true, adjustments shall be made.
    The college handles the secondary vocational card in the bank for each student who enjoys the scholarship. After the aided funds are in place, the college must hold a collective study of the president's office, and the college student funded management department, finance department and relevant departments will report to the office. Explain the basis for the breakdown of funds, the basis for the issuance, the situation of the fund balance, and the reasons. The list of national student aids should be publicized in the prominent positions of the college class, department (department) and college, and the publicity situation should be kept for future reference.
    6. These Measures shall be implemented as of the date of issuance of the text.

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