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"Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Application for the Evaluation of Titles in 2018"

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"Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Application for the Evaluation of Titles in 2018"

(Summary description)

"Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Application for the Evaluation of Titles in 2018"

(Summary description)

Economic Development Zone, Shidao Management Zone, Management Committee of Good Luck Corner Tourism Resort, People's Government of each town, various street offices, relevant departments and enterprises of the city:
According to the Notice of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Weihai City on the 2018 Annual Title Evaluation and Appraisal Work (Wei Ren She Zi [2018] No. 77), combined with the actual situation of the city, we are now doing a good job in the 2018 annual title evaluation and reporting work. The notice of matters is as follows:
I. Application review scope
(1) Any professional and technical personnel who have engaged in professional and technical work in various enterprises, institutions and social intermediary organizations in our city, and who have established the relationship of personnel labor (employment) with the employer, as well as professional and technical work in urban and rural areas but no work unit. The personnel can report and judge the corresponding titles according to the specified standard conditions.
(2) Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan professional and technical personnel employed in the city, as well as foreigners holding permanent residence permit for foreigners or overseas high-level talents residence certificates issued by localities, may participate in the evaluation of titles according to regulations.
(3) Civil servants (including those who are listed in the institutions that are governed by the Civil Service Law) may not participate in the evaluation of professional titles.
Second, policy provisions and standard conditions
(1) Policy provisions
1. Establish a green channel for the evaluation of special talent titles. Selected as a key talent at or above the provincial level
The professional and technical personnel of the project can directly declare the senior professional title. According to the "Regulations on Green Passage of High-level Talent Services in Shandong Province" (Lu Renshe Regulation [2018] No. 5), when introducing high-level talents for the first time to participate in the title evaluation, they are not subject to their own duties and years, and can be based on performance, ability and level. Directly report the corresponding title, and its overseas work experience, academic and professional technical contributions can be used as the basis for participation. According to the "Interim Measures for High-level Personnel Services in Weihai City" (Wei Ren Group [2014] No. 1), high-level talents are not allowed to be qualified for professional and technical positions. The performance results of high-level talents obtained abroad can be used as performance results of the evaluation of the title. High-level talents with outstanding performance results are not subject to academic qualifications and qualifications, and directly apply for the corresponding titles.
2. A review of the titles of professional and technical personnel in Tibet, aided Xinjiang, and Aid Qing, in accordance with the Notice of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of Shandong Province on Doing a Good Job in the Evaluation of Professional Titles of Professional and Technical Personnel Aiding Tibet in Tibet Renshezi [2017] No. 255) is subject to the restrictions of the number of positions in the unit, and is exempt from professional titles, computer exams and pre-assessment business ability tests.
3. To carry out independent evaluation of post-employment reform of higher education institutions (including higher vocational colleges and district-level party schools), and strictly follow the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Teacher Title System in Colleges and Universities" (Lu Renshe [ In 2015] No. 51), the implementation of the regulations on the establishment of posts, open competition, industry evaluation, employment management, etc., the implementation of independent evaluation, employment by appointment, the issuance of letters of appointment.
4. Post-doctoral researchers in the post-doctoral research station and research station (base) engaged in scientific research in our city, as well as post-doctoral researchers working in the city after the station (base), can participate in personnel management authority. The title review, its research results during the station (base) can be used as the basis for the evaluation of the title.
5. Personnel from non-enterprise institutions (including public management units) shall be employed in the professional and technical positions of enterprises and institutions, and they shall be engaged in professional and technical work for more than one year in current jobs. If they meet the requirements of corresponding titles, they may apply for review. The corresponding title.
6. The professional and technical personnel exchanges at the county level and above are employed in the township and township units (excluding the urban street offices and dispatched institutions, the same below), and they work in the current position for more than one year, and the assessment meets the requirements of the corresponding titles. Can be subject to the limitation of the number of years of service and job title, the application of the corresponding title.
7. Professional and technical personnel need to change the series (professional) application review and the same title qualification as the same level of professional title, and should work in the current professional and technical positions for more than one year. Only after the assessment meets the qualification requirements of the corresponding titles can be recommended. declare. Those who fail to obtain the corresponding series (professional) titles in accordance with the regulations shall not apply for the evaluation of higher-level titles, except as otherwise provided by the state and the province.
8. Encourage the development of compound talents. Have obtained a series of (professional) titles and hired professional and technical personnel in the corresponding positions, approved by the unit, can be combined with the work to re-apply for review or apply for other series (professional) with the same level of title, not subject to the position of the unit.
9. The professional and technical personnel of the public institution shall apply for the evaluation title, which shall be consistent with the professional title series (professional) required by the professional and technical positions. If the unit does not set the corresponding professional and technical positions, it shall not recommend the title of the corresponding series (professional).
10. The professional and technical personnel of the public institutions shall apply for the evaluation of the titles, and shall be implemented in accordance with the “Notice on Accelerating the Employment of the Positions of the Institutions” (Lu Renshe Fa [2011] No. 29). In the case of a public institution with separate evaluation and employment, the number of high and intermediate titles exceeds 15% of the approved corresponding positions, and in principle, the application review is no longer recommended. The institutions of primary and secondary school teachers, secondary vocational school teachers, and technical school teachers with the job registration assessment shall, according to the approved number of professional and technical posts, the hierarchical structure, and the professional and technical job vacancies needs of the institutions, organize the job title recommendation work. When the institution organizes the application for recommendation, it shall, as required, fill in the “Statistical Table for the Evaluation of the Senior and Intermediate Titles of the Institutional Recommendations” (Annex 1).
11. If a staff member of a public institution works in a management position and needs to work part-time in a professional or technical position because of his work needs, he shall follow the Notice on Relevant Issues Concerning the Part-time Examination and Approval of Professional and Technical Positions of Institutions (Lu Renfa [2008] No. 71 It is stipulated that the relevant examination and approval procedures shall be handled in accordance with the cadre personnel management authority, and the “Part-time Approval Form for Professional and Technical Positions of Institutions” shall be provided at the time of declaration.
12. The professional and technical personnel who have approved the part-time or off-the-job innovation and entrepreneurship shall apply for the title, in accordance with the “Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security Shandong Provincial Department of Finance Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department Shandong Provincial Department of Education to support and encourage the cause Implementation Opinions on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Professional and Technical Personnel (Lu Renshe Regulation [2018] No. 1).
13. Nationally implemented series of professional and technical qualification examinations (professional, accounting, auditing, statistics, publishing, health, translation (English, Japanese), primary and computer technology and software high, medium, junior), no longer Conduct the review work. Pass the examination to obtain the professional and technical qualification certificate. When the unit is hired, it shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant personnel management regulations.
(2) Standard conditions
1. Organize the recommendation and review in accordance with the professional title standards set by the state and the province. The series of titles that have been revised in the province and have been published in the “Shandong Provincial Professional and Technical Personnel Management Service Platform” are implemented according to the new standard conditions. If the standard conditions have not been revised, they will still be implemented in accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations.
2. According to the relevant regulations of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department on the Relevant Issues Concerning the Examination of Foreign Languages ​​and Computer Application Ability (Lu Renshe Fa [2016] No. 29), the professional and technical personnel of the city declare the intermediate and below titles and provinces. Foreign language and computer application capabilities are not required when authorizing the city to organize and review the series of senior titles such as health technology, primary health technology, primary and secondary school teachers, and economics. When applying for the Provincial Senior Title Evaluation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “High Jury”) to review the senior professional titles, the specific requirements for foreign language and computer application skills shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the provincial high judges.
3. Continuing education conditions in accordance with the Regulations on Continuing Education of Professional and Technical Personnel in Shandong Province and the Notice on Strengthening and Regulating the Relevant Issues of Continuing Education Management of Professional and Technical Personnel (Wei Ren She Han [2011] No. 24) and Weihai Human Resources And the relevant provisions of the Notice of the Social Security Administration on Conducting the Online Notification and Verification of 2018 Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Hours.
4. Where the national vocational qualification system clearly appoints professional and technical positions, obtaining professional qualifications can be regarded as having the corresponding series and level of professional titles, and can be used as a condition for applying for a higher-level professional title (see the attached table for the relationship between professional qualifications and professional titles). 2).
5. For the part-time qualifications obtained after participating in the work, the age limit is no longer limited. Professional and technical personnel (excluding medical and health majors) who work in professional and technical positions in township units, and apply for evaluation titles, may not be subject to the restrictions of the majors studied.
6. In accordance with the Opinions on Strengthening the Work of High-skilled Talents to Promote Industrial Transformation and Upgrading (Lu Renshe Fa [2016] No. 22), in the job title evaluation, senior technical schools that have obtained vocational qualifications for senior workers and preparatory technicians or Full-time graduates of technician colleges are treated according to full-time higher vocational (college) or undergraduate graduates. Regular technical school graduates are treated as graduates of ordinary secondary education.
Third, the application for recommendation and review, review responsibility
Apply for the evaluation of the title, and implement the methods of individual declaration, democratic evaluation recommendation, unit review, and review by the competent department. This year, we will continue to adopt the networked application review method. The reporting personnel, employers, and competent departments must log in to the “Shandong Provincial Title Application Evaluation System” for registration, information filing, review and review, information reporting, etc. ( /ww/login_gg.html). The requirements for submitting materials shall be handled in accordance with the “Waihai City Title Application Review and Evaluation Application Manual (2018)”. The registration manual can be downloaded from the “Service Hall – Service Guide – Talent Team Construction” section of Weihai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau website.
(1) Individual declaration
Professional and technical personnel shall apply for the evaluation title, and shall fill in the application materials in a realistic manner, and provide various supporting materials and representative achievements or award-winning projects that reflect the professional and technical level, ability and performance of the company since their incumbence, and participate in continuing education. The system of representative works shall be implemented, and no more than 3 papers (writings, works, etc.) will be submitted, and no more than 3 achievements and awards will be awarded (except as otherwise provided by the standard conditions). Strictly implement the personal integrity commitment system, professional and technical personnel must sign their name in the "Sincere Commitment Letter" column of "Shandong Province Professional Technical Title Review Form", and it is strictly forbidden to sign on behalf of others.
(2) Unit democratic evaluation recommendation, publicity
The organization shall organize the democratic appraisal recommendation to disclose the job title and the number of empty posts, the title of employment title, the recommendation method for democratic appraisal, the appraisal materials of the applicant (including the performance materials for the job report), the list of recommended applicants, etc., and organize the completion of the recommendation. Apply for the “six public” supervision card for professional technical titles (Annex 3). A recommendation committee composed of more than 7 persons working in the corresponding professional and technical positions shall be established as required (the larger units shall be correspondingly increased in number, and the units with a small number may be uniformly established by the competent department), and the applicant's occupation shall be Comprehensive evaluation of ethics, professional behavior, academic and technical level, work ability and performance contribution, and put forward a list of recommendations. According to the recommendation list put forward by the recommendation committee, the unit will study and determine the candidate candidates, and fill in the “Registration Form for the Democratic Appraisal of the Unit Recommendation Committee” (Annex 4). The democratic evaluation recommendation method shall be reported to the higher authorities for review and approval and organized for implementation. Non-institutions may refer to the actual situation of the unit for reference.
The unit shall issue a public notice in accordance with the regulations (specify the time, place, list of personnel, and the qualifications for applying for professional and technical duties, the unit for accepting complaints and the telephone number), and recommend the “Shandong Province Professional Technical Title Appraisal Form”. The unit will display the list prominently or use the unit website and the informationized office system to publicize and retain the image data. The unit will file the above public information for future reference. Other application materials can be placed in public places such as conference rooms for inspection. The publicity shall inform all professional and technical personnel of the unit in advance, and the publicity time shall not be less than 5 working days. Publicize the recommendation report without objection, and fill in the “Report Form for the Publicity of the Professional Title Report” (Annex 5) and report it with the review materials. The acceptance of letters and visits is mainly handled by the management department of the personnel (title) of the unit. The application materials for fraudulent or other irregularities are not reported and processed according to relevant regulations.
(3) The employer, the competent department, and the reporting department review and review
Establish a title management responsibility mechanism. The employer is responsible for carefully reviewing the legality, authenticity, completeness and effectiveness of the application materials, recommending according to the professional title declaration policy, procedures, and filling in the unit's recommendation opinions and signing and stamping as required. The examination of the application materials of the applicants of the public institutions shall be subject to the conclusions of the special review of the personnel files of the personnel departments of the organization. Units that have not carried out special examinations of personnel files shall review the academic qualifications of the applicants through the registration of the China Higher Education Student Information Network (http://www.chsi.com.cn), etc., and verify the authenticity of the applicants’ qualifications one by one; Responsible for conscientiously verifying whether the materials are true, legal, valid and complete, reviewing the reporting conditions and whether the reporting procedures are in compliance, etc., filling in the review opinions and signing and stamping as required; the reporting department is responsible for carefully reviewing the application materials for handling opinions, signatures, seals, etc. Whether the compliance is complete, whether the overall application materials are reviewed, etc., and the review opinions are filled in as required and signed and sealed.
The application materials that do not meet the reporting conditions and procedures shall be returned in time according to the original reporting channels, and the employer shall notify the applicant in writing. In case of any of the following circumstances, it shall not be accepted: (1) not meeting the reporting conditions; (2) failing to meet the filling specifications; (3) not reporting according to the prescribed time and procedures; (4) not or not in accordance with regulations Publicity; (5) fraudulent behavior; (6) other non-compliance with the professional title policy.
(4) Reporting by the reporting department
1. Reporting department and authority
The application materials must be submitted to the corresponding jury office after review and approval by the reporting department and signing the submission. According to the professional management requirements of the title, the reporting department and its authority are:
(1) Applying for the evaluation of the junior title, the competent department of the unit shall report to the office of the corresponding jury.
(2) The appraisal intermediate title shall be submitted by the competent department of the unit to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to report to the corresponding jury office.
(3) Apply to the Provincial High Jury to evaluate the senior professional title, and report it to the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Weihai City by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Weihai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will report to the provincial high-level jury office with the corresponding industry authorities in Weihai.
(4) The labor dispatching personnel and personnel agency personnel shall be recommended by the labor dispatching unit and the personnel agency in conjunction with the current working unit, and shall be reported and reported step by step. The professional and technical practitioners of the city without work units and the personnel engaged in professional and technical work in the rural areas shall be reviewed and reported by the street community, the village committee or the township human resources and social security office.
(5) The provincial authority authorized Weihai City to form a high-level professional title for the evaluation of the high-level jury, and its reporting authority shall be reduced according to the principle of reporting the provincial senior title report (refer to the condition 2 of this paragraph). Weihai City authorized the city to form an intermediate title for the evaluation of the intermediate title qualification review committee, and its reporting authority is reported according to the intermediate title of the application for review.

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