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Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Weihai Technician College, Dean Shi Yizhong, 2018 Report on Debriefing

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Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Weihai Technician College, Dean Shi Yizhong, 2018 Report on Debriefing

(Summary description)Since 2018, he has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He took the "two studies and ones" study and education work as the guide, took the inspection work as the driving force, took the initiative, pioneered and i

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Weihai Technician College, Dean Shi Yizhong, 2018 Report on Debriefing

(Summary description)Since 2018, he has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He took the "two studies and ones" study and education work as the guide, took the inspection work as the driving force, took the initiative, pioneered and i

Since 2018, he has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He took the "two studies and ones" study and education work as the guide, took the inspection work as the driving force, took the initiative, pioneered and innovated, and continued. Strengthen ideological and political construction and party style and clean government construction, actively construct party building leading projects, comprehensively implement standardization construction, deepen the promotion of moral education system engineering, quickly start the construction of intelligent manufacturing bases, actively declare national high-skilled talent training bases, and deepen the integration of production and education. We will work hard to serve economic and social development, continuously expand the field of running schools, comprehensively strengthen professional construction, and make new progress in all work.
   1. Strengthen political theory learning and continuously improve political positions
   First, actively participate in the party committee's theoretical center group and party branch learning, in-depth study of the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Shandong and the spirit of the important speech of the Shandong delegation, and led by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics We will continue to promote the institutionalization of the "two studies and one doing" study and education. In accordance with the "Implementation Plan of Weihai Technician College on Doing a Good Job in Studying and Implementing the Spirit of the 19th National Congress", actively promote Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the textbooks, into the classroom, into the minds of teachers and students, and earnestly "two Resolutely maintain." The second is to put forward the political requirements of the flag as the first priority, formulate and strictly implement the self-study plan, and comprehensively and systematically strengthen the study of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, through institutionalized special investigations. , study, lectures, group discussions, etc., apply what they have learned, and more consciously and closely contact the actual guidance to promote the work, and firmly establish the theoretical foundation of "four consciousnesses" and firm "four self-confidence." Enhance the ideological realm, enhance political power, make a clear-cut and dare to struggle on issues of the big and the big, resolutely and completely eliminate Sun Zhengcai, and make the plan a bad influence. Under all circumstances, the political beliefs remain unchanged, the political position is not moved, and the political direction is not biased. Always resolutely safeguard the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping, safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralize and unify leadership. The third is to study closely the actual situation of party building work and actively carry out theoretical and practical research. According to the new great engineering spirit of the party's 19th National Congress on promoting the party's construction, according to the principle of system engineering, analyze the research on the constituent elements, organizational structure, information flow, and control institutions of the party building system, and use organizational management techniques to make The relationship between the whole and the part of the system is coordinated and coordinated to achieve the optimal operation of the party building. Construct a party building to lead the project's target system, and clarify political goals, work goals, and party building goals. The construction of seven sub-projects: the party committee leads the overall work project, the discipline inspection commission leads the construction of the clean government, the party branch leads the party group project, the party group leads the party members in the grassroots department, the party members lead the mass project, the leading cadres lead the grassroots projects, and the leading cadres lead the key projects. The construction of the party building leads the engineering structure. According to the organizational principles, the division of labor of the party committee members, and the teaching management department, the party branch and the party group have been re-established, so that the party building and the actual work are closely integrated. We will improve the party-building and lead-up engineering mechanism, and implement standardization and quantitative assessment management of party building work in accordance with the party's organizational system. The party building work of the college has entered a scientific, standardized and institutionalized track. The fourth is to adhere to the direction of socialist school-running, adhere to the establishment of the morality of the tree, and fully implement the moral education system project. According to the syllabus of moral education, the overall goal of moral education and the goal of moral education in the academic year and semester are formulated. The content of moral education is defined, the methods of moral education are determined, and the normal, semester, annual and graduation assessment of students' moral education is implemented to effectively resolve the bottleneck of “student management difficulties”. The problem, the college's competitive advantage is significantly enhanced. The system refines the ten principles of the student's individual system energy principle, the class system energy principle, the campus system energy principle, the family system energy principle, the social system energy principle, the force principle, the frequency principle, and the accumulation principle. An effective educational method to improve the science, system and effectiveness of students' moral education.
   Second, adhere to the democratic centralism and the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee
   First, adhere to all principles of party leadership and resolutely implement the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee. I consciously included “three big ones” into research matters. Carefully define the scope of “three majors and one big” and realize the institutionalization and standardization of work. Submissions are subject to in-depth research, group discussions, individual brewing, and consensus gathering. In conjunction with the “Yue Qing” financial system, the monthly financial report and the important project budget will be reported to the party committee. Second, resolutely implement the resolutions of the party committees, consciously placed under the leadership of the party committees, strictly implement the responsibility system for the decisions made by the party committees, and grasp the level one level, and implement the tasks in an unbiased manner. The third is to uphold the principle of democratic centralism. Strictly implement the grassroots organizational life system, link the faculty and staff system, and contact the grassroots unit system, and go deep into the grassroots to listen to the opinions of party members and staff, and lay the foundation for scientific decision-making. Fully promote democracy at the school meeting, make decision-making work in-depth research and full communication before the meeting, speak freely at the meeting, vote for the minority to obey the majority, and form a resolution to implement resolutely. The fourth is to work hard to build a management structure of “institutional management, procedures, evaluation and evaluation”. On the basis of a large number of in-depth and meticulous investigations and studies, the goal of implementing national model school standards is to promote the standardization construction. The college has twice visited the brothers and universities to study advanced experience, held 6 seminars, and revised and revised the college rules and regulations 3 more than 1 million words. Adopted opinions on standardization construction at the faculty congress. Since the beginning of this year, the standardization construction has been carried out in the whole hospital. The teaching work and administrative work have been quantified by setting departmental functions, job responsibilities and job standards. The establishment of the assessment and evaluation office will combine the assessment of specialized institutions with the assessment of various departments, the assessment of the academic year and the process assessment, centralized assessment and random sampling. The assessment results are linked to the annual assessment, professional title evaluation, advanced selection, and promotion of cadres. The normative and systematic nature of teaching management and administrative management has been continuously enhanced. The enthusiasm and creativity of faculty and staff have been fully mobilized, and work efficiency has generally improved.
   Third, implement the responsibility system for work and comprehensively strengthen ideological work
   First, in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the province's colleges and universities ideological and political work conference, the ideological work into the party building work responsibility system, the implementation of the main responsibility of the ideological work, and resolutely do the responsibility of the soil. Second, adhere to the party's educational policy, adhere to the direction of socialist education, and clearly adhere to the principle of separation of education and religion, conscientiously study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions on religious work, and conscientiously fulfill the ideology. responsibility". The third is to continuously improve the organizational system, set up the Ideological Work Leading Group, the National Religious Work Leading Group, the National Security People's Defense Construction Team, and the College Safety Work Leading Group to strengthen campus safety management, carefully investigate safety hazards, and carry out special rectification of campus bullying. , building a peaceful and harmonious campus. Formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the Ideological Work Responsibility System of the Committee of the Weihai Technician College of the Communist Party of China", "The United Front Work System of the Weihai Technician College of the Communist Party of China (Trial)". The party committee regularly convened party committee meetings and special meetings to conduct research on ideological work and ideological work. . The fourth is to strengthen the education of Marxist religious outlook, formulate the "Implementation Plan of Weihai Technician College on Resisting and Preventing Missionary Religion on Campus" and the "Religious Work Training Program of Weihai Technician College", for teachers and students, especially class teachers and ideological teachers. Strengthen the Marxist religious outlook, the party's religious policy propaganda and education, and strengthen communism and common ideals and beliefs. The fifth is to adhere to the new position of ideology, re-register the WeChat public number of the college, and formulate the "Weihai Technician College website, WeChat public platform, Internet group management measures (trial)", and manage the use of new media such as websites, QQ, WeChat. Strengthen the network public opinion management work, set up special personnel, and constantly pay attention to the network thinking dynamics of the teachers and students.
   Fourth, fulfilling the responsibility of managing the party and the party, and fully implementing the school according to law
   First, earnestly implement the decision-making arrangements of the party organizations at the higher levels, and formulated the "Implementation Opinions of the Committee of the Weihai Technician College of the Communist Party of China on Implementing the Key Tasks of the Party Building Work" and the "Development Plan for the "Double Lift" Project of Weihai Technician College in 2018", and actively do a good job. Do not forget the initial heart, remember the mission, the theme education, the grassroots party organizations to achieve standards, the development of party members and other work, do the work of party building. The second is to standardize the system construction, implement the responsibility of managing the party and the party, standardize and improve the 46 party building work systems, and formulate the "2018 Study Plan for the Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group of Weihai Technician College". The members of the leadership team follow the program requirements and study plan. Actively carry out concentrated learning and seminars, so that individual self-study and concentrated learning can be effectively combined to further enhance the "four awareness" and strengthen "four self-confidence." Strictly implement the dual organizational life system. The members of the leadership team participate in the organizational life of the party branch as an ordinary party member, and use party members' activities day, "three sessions and one lesson" to teach party classes for grassroots party members. The third is to standardize the construction of grassroots organizations, clarify the working procedures of party building, standardize the working mechanism of the work, and investigate the relationship between party members and organizations. Party members all pay the party fees in full. Strictly regulate the party members' development procedures, strictly control the entry and quality of party members, and maintain the purity and advancement of party members. Organize the Party branch to strictly implement the "three sessions and one lesson", organize life meetings, democratically evaluate party members and other work systems, adhere to the problem-oriented, and combine organizational work to carry out organizational life. The fourth is to strengthen the supervision and management of cadres. Use the winter and summer vacations to conduct centralized training for cadres and continuously improve the quality of cadres. In conjunction with the assessment of the provincial provincial cadres and departmental cadres, we will strengthen effective supervision over the performance of departmental cadres and school cadres. The fifth is to solidly promote the work style construction. Adhere to the team members to contact the first-line teaching unit system, the team members to supervise the 24-hour inspection, the cadre duty system, and close the relationship between the party and the masses. The sixth is to increase the education of party members, set up a "Party Construction Online" column on the college website, and organize party members to participate in the study. Guide party members to establish a lifelong learning concept, actively participate in the Beacon Party Building online learning, participate in the 19th National Knowledge Learning Competition, give full play to the role of new media such as WeChat group, and achieve "online" and "offline" synchronization, and enhance party spirit. The seventh is to establish a system of faculty and congresses, comprehensively implement the assessment of standardization construction, and further improve the level of governance according to law. Organize all faculty and staff to study laws and regulations, and clarify the rights and obligations of faculty and staff and professional ethics. The system of faculty and congresses was established, and the first meeting of the first faculty of Weihai Technician College was successfully held. Elected faculty representatives were elected to guarantee the right of faculty and staff to participate in democratic management and supervision according to law. Establish important reporting items to the faculty congress, and disclose administrative affairs. The “Decision on Implementing the Standardization Construction Assessment Method” was reviewed and approved. Completed the "Regulations on the Administration of Vehicle Use of Weihai Technician College", "Measures for the Management of Goods Purchase of Weihai Technician College", "Administrative System of Official Reception of Weihai Technician College (Trial)", "Management System of Weihai Technician College (Training)", etc. , management, management, and effectively improve the scientific and standardized level of management.
   V. Implementing the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction and fulfilling the "one post and two responsibilities"
   First, earnestly implement the "one post and two responsibilities" of the party and government leading bodies, and further clarify the responsibility for subcontracting, so that each work has the responsibility to lead and have specific responsibilities. In combination with the actual work of the college, the post responsibility will be decomposed and re-implemented. Taking the standardization construction as the starting point, scientifically quantifying the post work, training all cadres and workers, solidly promoting the work style construction, and establishing an atmosphere of education and work. The second is to establish the "Accountability Method for the Construction of Clean Government of the Party Committee of Weihai Technician College", increase the accountability, and conduct investigation and investigation of work responsibilities. Improve the risk prevention and control system, implement the risk early warning mechanism, conduct item-by-item investigations on the integrity risk points, establish risk point accounts, and formulate risk prevention and control measures. The third is to establish a mechanism for reflecting the masses, set up a college suggestion box, and an online message center to communicate face-to-face with the masses every year, listen to the opinions of the masses in a timely manner, solve the problems reflected by the masses in a timely manner, and provide feedback on the issues. Fourth, adhere to the integrity reporting system, strengthen the daily assessment of the implementation of the eight regulations, and regularly supervise and inspect the other members of the leadership team in a clean and honest manner, perform the duties of the party's work style and clean government, strengthen education management, formulate a leave system, and implement major issues. Reporting system. The fifth is to attach great importance to and actively cooperate with the inspection team, adhere to the problem-oriented, adhere to the investigation and change, and push all work to a new level. Adhere to the openness of party affairs and implement a financial disclosure system. The system of "Responsibility System for Party Style and Clean Government Construction of the Weihai Technician College of the Communist Party of China" and the "Responsible Reporting System for Leading Cadres' Wedding, Funeral and Festive Issues" were formulated, and a list of clean government construction projects was formulated to ensure that the list tasks were not lost, the quality was completed, and the responsibilities were investigated. Issued the "Notice on Solidly Doing Work on Special Actions for Renovation of Key Fields", special rectification of key areas of the college, self-examination and rectification of office space, and zero report on departmental small treasury.
   Sixth, keeping up with the major deployment of the party, acting as pioneering and innovative
   First, on the premise of a large number of detailed investigations and feasibility studies, the report of Weihai Intelligent Manufacturing Training Base was proposed, which was highly valued and strongly supported by the municipal party committee and municipal government. It covers an area of ​​40 mu, with a building area of ​​1900 square meters and a total investment of 7,000. On the basis of the 10,000 yuan incubation base, the government has arranged to invest more than 40 million yuan into the construction of the base. The project will create a model project for the training base in the province. The level of individual training will lead the country and will drive the development of the college to achieve leap-forward development. The second is to build a smart equipment research institute with Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) to carry out research and development of intelligent catering equipment. The first set of intelligent catering equipment has passed the acceptance of experts, and applied for 4 invention patents and 5 utility model patents. Another six smart catering equipment is under development. The research and development of intelligent catering equipment will promote the unmanned, networked, standardized and international development of Chinese food. At present, many companies are ready to participate in the industrialization of smart catering equipment. The third is to actively declare the national high-skilled personnel training base. After three months of careful preparation, the project has passed expert review in Weihai and participated as the only reporting unit in Weihai to participate in the provincial review. The application for the national base project effectively promoted the professional construction of the college, the construction of the teaching staff, the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and the construction of facilities and equipment, which significantly enhanced the competitive advantage of the college. The fourth is to actively introduce German dual system training. He successively went to the Provincial People's Office, Weifang, Pingdu for research and investigation, and initially reached a cooperation intention with the German Koster organization. The introduction of this project will promote the revolutionary transformation of the professional construction of our institute and realize the breakthrough of Weihai professional qualification international certification. The fifth is to train preparatory technicians in undergraduates. In accordance with the deployment of the Provincial People's Social Welfare Department, our school has taken advantage of the same campus as Harbin Institute of Technology, and signed a cooperation agreement with Rongcheng College to train preparatory technicians in undergraduate students and jointly develop cooperative training programs. This is a powerful measure to implement the State Council's vocational education reform program. It is the first cooperation project in the province and is the promotion and expansion of the school-running field. Sixth is to actively build a training base for the World Skills Competition. Combined with the base construction, the World Skills Competition training base is connected to the facilities and equipment. Adopting the green channel to introduce 5 skill masters in China, providing teachers for the preparation for the 46th World Skills Competition.
   Seven, existing problems
   First, there is subjectivism and bureaucracy in the work. Some work surveys and studies are not in-depth, and work standards are set too high and are out of touch. Such as: the implementation of moral education system engineering

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