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Wei Yonghua, Party Secretary of Weihai Technician College, 2018 Annual Report on Debriefing

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Wei Yonghua, Party Secretary of Weihai Technician College, 2018 Annual Report on Debriefing

(Summary description)In 2018, with the correct leadership of the party committee at the higher level and the support of the team members and cadres and workers, the staff of the party committee was co

Wei Yonghua, Party Secretary of Weihai Technician College, 2018 Annual Report on Debriefing

(Summary description)In 2018, with the correct leadership of the party committee at the higher level and the support of the team members and cadres and workers, the staff of the party committee was co

In 2018, with the correct leadership of the party committee at the higher level and the support of the team members and cadres and workers, the staff of the party committee was conscientiously fulfilled, and Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics was taken as the guide, and the implementation of the party building was actively carried out. Strengthen the work in the field of ideology, strengthen the building of the party's work style and clean government, promote the connotation construction of the college with party building work, and continuously improve the work level of the college.
   First, strengthen theoretical study and improve political positions
   The first is to improve the learning system and adhere to the institutionalization of learning. Formulate the "2018 Annual Learning Plan of Weihai Technician College", "The Implementation Plan of "Double Lifting" Project of Weihai Technician College in 2018", "2018 "Great Learning, Big Research, Great Improvement" Plan of Weihai Technician College, and uniformly deploy party committees, branches, and party members. Learning activities. Strengthen the study and management of the theoretical center group, formulate the "2018 study plan of the Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group of Weihai Technician College", and organize the theoretical study of the central group 14 times. Formulate the "Implementation Opinions of the Committee of the Weihai Technician College of the Communist Party of China on Implementing the Key Tasks of the Party Building Work" and promote the work of the College with the work of party building. Formulate the "Measures for the Management of Quantitative Points of Party Members of Weihai Technician College (Trial)" and "Measures for the Management of Party Members of Weihai Technician College" to standardize the learning activities of party members. The second is to comprehensively and accurately understand and grasp Xi Jinping's socialist ideology and basic strategy with Chinese characteristics in the new era, learn the new ideas, new ideas and new strategies of the central government, and thoroughly study and grasp the important work of the central government, thoroughly study the theory of socialist rule of law and promote the rule of law. . Seriously study the spirit of the 19th and 19th Central Committees and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee and the spirit of the "two sessions" of the country, and follow up on the important speeches and important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. At the same time, earnestly study the relevant documents on the construction of the new and old kinetic energy conversion pilot zone in Shandong Province, and the implementation of the “double mention” project opinions of the municipal party committee. Put Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics into a comprehensive and accurate manner. The third is innovative learning methods to continuously improve learning effectiveness. Make full use of the central group to concentrate on learning and continuously improve the ideology of the team members. Persist in reading the original work, learning the original text, and understanding the principles, focusing on the content of the study, in-depth discussion, adhering to the problem-oriented, and solving the actual problems of the college. Unify thoughts and actions into the spirit of speech, unify the major decision-making arrangements of the college, and comprehensively create a new situation in all work. Strictly implement the dual organizational life system, participate in the organizational life of the party branch as an ordinary party member, use party members' activity day, "three sessions and one lesson", etc., go deep into the grassroots branch to teach party classes for party members, take the lead in research, and strive to create a scientific research atmosphere. Intensify the education of party members, organize party members of the branch to study in the former residence of Gumu; regularly organize college volunteer service teams to carry out volunteer service activities. Actively participate in the Beacon Party to build online learning, participate in the 19th Knowledge Learning Competition, give full play to the role of new media such as WeChat group, and achieve "online" and "offline" synchronization, and enhance party spirit. The fourth is to improve political positions and deepen ideological arming. Firmly establish "four awareness", strengthen "four self-confidence", and resolutely achieve "two maintenance." Seriously fulfilling the duties of party building work, resolutely resisting the idea of ​​official position, consciously separating the boundaries between good people, circle culture, and dock culture, and having sufficient political vigilance against Sun Zhengcai, the planned cases, and the typical adverse effects of Tang Huili. Study and implement the party building leading project, and constantly promote the "two studies and one work" learning and education normalization institutionalization.
   Second, adhere to the democratic centralism and the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee
   First, adhere to democratic centralism. The system of faculty and congresses was established. The first election resulted in 51 representatives of the conference. The major events of the college were collectively adopted by the faculty and congress. In accordance with the college's major decision-making system, the college's major decisions, the appointment and removal of important cadres, the arrangement of important projects and the use of large amounts of funds have been studied collectively. Major projects such as appointment and dismissal of college cadres, financial budget and final accounts, standardization implementation methods, and party building leading projects are all decided by collective research by the party committee. The second is to uphold the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee. Adhere to the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, the college party committee in accordance with the party committee's rules of procedure and decision-making procedures, grasp the direction, discuss major issues, and manage the overall situation. Clear work ideas and make correct decisions. Give play to the core role of leadership and ensure the principal's performance in administrative management. The principal earnestly implemented the decision of the party committee and administered according to law. Formulate the "Report System for the Implementation of the Principal Responsibility System under the Leadership of the Party Committee of Weihai Technician College", and regularly report to the Weihai Municipal Education Working Committee on the implementation of the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee. The third is to adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making. According to the college's "Democratic Centralization Decision-making System", major issues are decided by collective decision-making. Before collective research and decision-making, relevant information must be reported internally. Let the team members have sufficient time to think, negotiate and exchange opinions, and avoid the phenomenon of inadequate preparation and rushing to discuss matters. All important matters concerning the major issues of the party committee's decision-making must be thoroughly investigated beforehand, and opinions should be widely consulted through symposiums or through individual interviews. Major issues and important issues must be decided by the meeting. After the decision-making, in the process of implementation, party organizations at all levels must strictly implement procedures to ensure that no one of them is omitted or reversed to ensure the scientific and democratic implementation of decision-making.
   3. Strictly implement the responsibility system for ideology work and firmly grasp the leadership of ideology work
   First, study and implement the spirit of the National Conference on the Propaganda and Ideological Work of the Province and Weihai City and the spirit of the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities across the Country. Incorporate ideological work into the responsibility system for party building work, earnestly implement the main responsibility of ideological work, and resolutely do the responsibility of defending the land, fulfilling the responsibility, and being responsible for the soil. Adhere to the party's educational policy, adhere to the direction of socialist education, and clearly adhere to the principle of separation of education and religion, conscientiously study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions on the work of the ideological field and religious work, and earnestly fulfill the first responsibility. Responsibilities of people, fulfilling the ideological work "one post and two responsibilities". The second is to implement the responsibility system for ideological work. Continuously improve the organizational system, set up the Weihai Technician College Ideological Work Leading Group, the National Religious Work Leading Group, the National Security People's Defense Construction Team, and the College Safety Work Leading Group to strengthen campus safety management, carefully investigate safety hazards, and carry out school bullying special projects. Renovation and building a peaceful and harmonious campus. Formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the Ideological Work Responsibility System of the Committee of the Weihai Technician College of the Communist Party of China", "The United Front Work System of the Weihai Technician College of the Communist Party of China (Trial)", the party committee and the team members signed the responsibility for ideological work, and implemented the ideological work. Double responsibility." The third is to maintain the campus security and stability, and prevent and resolve major risks. Adhere to the party's management of ideology and firmly grasp the right to speak in ideological work. Establish a regular research and judgment system, and conduct quarterly research and judgment on the ideology work of the college. Supervise the ideology work of the college and carry out the work according to the requirements of the party committee at a higher level. Continuously improve the organization and system construction, strengthen campus safety management, hold legal safety lectures, set up the "Compliance Law" course, regularly organize party committee meetings and special meetings, conduct research and judgment on ideological work and ideological work, and carry out ideological politics and consciousness many times. Form, religion, united front and other self-examination, "look back" work, find problems in time to rectify. The fourth is to enhance the awareness of struggle and improve the ability of struggle. Adhere to the bottom line thinking and improve the ability to prevent and control. In response to existing problems, we should take targeted measures in a timely manner, sort out the ideas of ideology work, enhance political awareness and awareness of urgency, enhance the initiative and subjective consciousness of doing ideology work, and further establish and improve relevant rules and regulations for ideology work. Implement the main responsibility of the party committee, be responsible for keeping the post, and do the duty. There was no abnormality in the ideology field of the College of the Year in 2018.
   Fourth, the implementation of the party must govern the party and strictly govern the party and the main responsibility of running a school
   First, earnestly fulfill the party's main responsibility for managing the party. Taking Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guideline, in accordance with the new great project layout of promoting party building, adhering to the party's policy of administering the party's comprehensive and strict governance of the party, taking the inspection work as the driving force, adhering to the principle of problem orientation and system engineering, The party building led the development of various work and implemented the fourth entrepreneurship in the reform and construction of the college. Re-define the party branch and party group, strengthen organizational construction, and re-establish the party branch and party group in accordance with the principle of facilitating organizational leadership, facilitating integration with teaching work, and setting up party groups in grassroots units. Clarify the working procedures of party building and standardize the working mechanism of the work. The second is to fulfill the main responsibility of running a school. Adhere to the direction of socialist education, adhere to the rule of law, actively establish the system of faculty and congress, successfully convene the first meeting of the first faculty of Weihai Technician College, and elected 51 faculty and staff representatives to ensure the participation of faculty and staff in democracy according to law. The right to manage and supervise. Full implementation of standardized construction assessment, and further improve the level of governance according to law. Constantly improve the system construction, use the system to manage power, manage people, and manage matters, effectively improve the scientific and standardized level of management. The third is to strengthen the construction of high-quality professional cadres and cultivate excellent young cadres. Adhere to the principle of party management of cadres, put the standards of good cadres into practice, and wisely select "Li Yunlong"-style cadres. Strictly abide by the cadre selection and appointment regulations, formulate the "Weihai Technician College Reserve Cadre Training Mechanism", and increase the intensity of reserve cadres training. Strengthen the supervision and management of cadres. We will use the winter and summer vacations to conduct centralized training for cadres, continuously improve the quality of cadres, and build a team of loyal cadres. In conjunction with the assessment of the provincial provincial cadres and departmental cadres, we will strengthen effective supervision over the performance of departmental cadres and school cadres. The fourth is to seriously political life within the party and create a good political ecology. Respect the party constitution, strictly implement certain norms of political life within the party under the new situation, uphold the party's political line, ideological line, organization line, and mass line, and enhance the political, contemporary, principled, and combative nature of the party's political life. A good political ecology with a clear atmosphere.
   V. Seriously implement the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction, and fulfill the "one post and two responsibilities"
   First, earnestly implement the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction. Establish a working mechanism for the Discipline Inspection Commission, improve the discipline inspection work organization, set up a discipline inspection and supervision office, and equip special disciplinary inspection staff. Strengthen the system construction, formulate a work plan for the party's work style and clean government construction responsibility system, print out the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction, and the commitment report system for leading cadres' wedding, funeral and festive issues, and establish a prevention and control system for clean government construction. Comprehensively investigate the risk of integrity and improve the integrity control system. Conducting honest and honest talks with 28 middle-level cadres and high-risk and high-risk personnel, and doing a good job in prevention. The second is to fulfill the "one post and two responsibilities" situation. We will implement the system of responsibility and commitment of the party's work style and clean government, and formulate the "Responsibility Book of Party Style and Clean Government Construction of Weihai Technician College". The party committee and the members of the team will sign the responsibility for building a clean government, and initially construct the leadership of the party committee, the organization and coordination of the discipline inspection commission, and the leadership of the department. Institutional and working mechanisms. Regularly listen to the report on the implementation of the “one post and two responsibilities” of the team members, and report to the superiors on the implementation of the responsibility of the integrity of the main body. The third is to strictly abide by the party's six disciplines and continuously improve its style of work. Adhere to political discipline, resolutely support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, strictly abide by organizational discipline, not violate organizational procedures, adhere to the reporting system for major issues; strictly abide by financial discipline; strictly abide by work discipline; strictly observe life discipline; strictly abide by integrity, no bus, no use of marriage and funeral The festive affairs of the big deal took the opportunity to collect money and resolutely oppose the "four winds." The fourth is honesty and self-discipline. Respect the party constitution, lead by example, and thoroughly study and implement the "Guidelines on the Integrity and Self-discipline of the Communist Party of China", "Several Guidelines on Political Life within the Party under the New Situation" and "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China". Strictly implement the cadre out-of-home leave system and implement the major event reporting system. Efforts will be made to create an atmosphere of entrepreneurial entrepreneurship. Take the lead in diligence and thrift, hard and plain. Resolutely oppose hedonism and extravagance. Strengthen the construction of family style, abide by social morality, strengthen professional ethics education, educate relatives and staff around them to strictly observe the party's discipline.
   6. In-depth implementation of the instructions of General Secretary Xi and the major deployment of the party committee at a higher level
   First, carefully plan the fourth business goal. Adhere to strategic thinking, innovative thinking, dialectical thinking, rule of law thinking, and bottom-line thinking, and put forward the grand goal of the fourth entrepreneurship of the college, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the university. Second, we will continue to strengthen party building, study and implement party building leading projects, and constantly promote the institutionalization of learning and education in "two studies and one work". According to the deployment of the higher party committee and the Weihai inspection team, combined with the actual work of the party building in the college, according to the work project, project list, inventory responsibility requirements and system engineering principles, study and formulate the party construction leading project. The third is to implement standardized construction assessment. Full implementation of the standardization construction assessment, on the basis of the full investigation and demonstration and trial implementation in the previous period, the deliberation and approval of the faculty congress, the issuance of the "Decision of the Committee of the Weihai Technician College on the implementation of standardized construction assessment methods", to achieve both connotation enhancement and extension. The fourth is to implement the integration of production and education. In cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), the Digital Intelligent Equipment Research Institute was established. The first digital intelligent catering equipment cooperation project has passed the acceptance test, and applied for 4 invention patents and 5 utility model patents. Another six smart catering equipment is under development. Actively connect with the government and successfully create Weihai intelligent manufacturing base project to further enhance the economic and social capabilities of the service. Actively declare the national high-skilled personnel training base, introduce German dual-system training, and sign a cooperation agreement with Harvard Wing Shing College to train preparatory technicians in undergraduate students, and prepare preparatory technicians among undergraduates. Actively set up a training base for the World Skills Competition and prepare for the 46th World Skills Competition. Successfully signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Guangtai Airport, Jiajiayue, Weihai New Beiyang and other groups. The “New Apprenticeship” pilot project was steadily advanced to further promote the sharing of school-enterprise resources. The fifth is to implement the moral education system project. Adhere to the party's educational policy and adhere to the virtues of the people. On the basis of implementing the moral education system project last year, we carried out extensive research, promoted the standardization construction and standardization construction of moral education system engineering, implemented the evaluation mechanism of moral education work, regularly reviewed the performance of moral education, and further improved the soft power of students' education management. Organize social practice, volunteer service, cultural and sports activities with the theme of patriotism, love for the party, civilization and virtue, strengthen youth party history, national history education and ideological and moral construction, guide young people to establish and practice socialist core values, and strive to improve students Comprehensive quality.
   Seven, existing problems
   1. The faculty and staff's ideological education work is weak, and the sense of professional responsibility is diminished. Rongcheng Municipal Government signed an agreement with Harbin University of Science and Technology. The original plans for the integration of the two schools led to the failure of the college to recruit young teachers for many years. Due to age and poor management, some faculty members’ sense of responsibility declined, positive, progressive, and knowledge-raising. Not high, there is the idea of ​​"ship to dock, car to station". Training was conducted on the ideology of the faculty and staff, but the effect was not obvious.
   2. The cadre team is seriously aging and lacks vitality; the average age of the college team members and department-level cadres is over 53 years old, and the cadres are seriously aging. Affected by age and physical strength, cadres' work enthusiasm is significantly reduced, and they are not working hard enough. The ability to work can not meet the requirements of modern office, and some cadres are not skilled in computer use and work inefficiency. Although a group of young teachers have been transferred in recent years, there are still problems such as the continuation of the cadre team and the lack of backbone of the professional team.
   3. Take responsibility as a mental decline. Affected by age, the strength of the decline is diminished, and there is an idea of ​​seeking stability.

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