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Student Office

Management agency

Student Office

Student duties
1. Study and explore the rules of student management and moral education, formulate a scientific education management plan, and organize implementation.
2. Assist the department to do the construction and management of the class teacher team, establish and improve the class teacher's job evaluation mechanism; assist the department to do the class teacher's selection, daily management, business training and assessment.
3. According to the college education and teaching development plan and guiding ideology, formulate various rules and regulations for student education and management, and organize the implementation and implementation of the department; formulate the assessment standards for students' moral education, and assist the department to organize assessment.
4. The organization department carries out various targeted moral education activities, adheres to positive guidance education, commends the good deeds among the students in a timely manner, assists the department in doing a good job in educational transformation of students who violate the rules and regulations, and mediates the handling of student disputes. Determine the handling and disposition of the serious violations of the students, and report to the college for approval.
5. Responsible for new students to enter the journal, student system management, student file management; do a good job in the maintenance of statistical records and database maintenance.
6. Responsible for organizing new military training, entrance education and graduates leaving school.
7. Responsible for the management and transfer of student files, responsible for the processing and issuance of student ID cards, diplomas and qualification certificates.
8. Responsible for receiving and handling letters and visits from relevant students, and assisting the department in handling various questions about students.
9. Responsible for the construction, training and management of the student union team, and guide the student union and student association to carry out various tasks.
10. Responsible for the student fund-raising work, publicity, reporting, management and funding of the funded work.
11. Do a good job in the insurance work involving student insurance and other related fees related to students.
12. Do a good job in building campus culture. Regularly organize departmental departments to carry out student education activities such as cultural performances, speeches, readings, and songs.
13. Cooperate with relevant departments to do well in school newspapers, blackboard newspapers, publicity columns, campus radio and other publicity work.
14. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

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