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Party Committee Office

Management agency

Party Committee Office

Party Committee Office
1. Assist the party committee leaders in handling daily work and implement the instructions and decisions of the party committee of the court.
2. According to the deployment and requirements of the party committee, investigating and researching, transmitting comprehensive information and feedback to the leaders on various aspects, providing reliable basis and valuable advice for the decision-making and guidance of the party committee.
3. Supervise all departments and grassroots party organizations to implement the resolutions of party committees and do a good job in supervision and coordination in a timely manner.
4. Organize and arrange various meetings, studies and important activities of the party committee.
5. Responsible for the drafting of party committee documents and written materials.
6. Responsible for the handling of documents within the party, do a good job of confidentiality, keep secrets, and manage the seal of the party committee.
7. Responsible for the education, management, training and assessment of cadres. Under the leadership of the party committee, we will do a good job in the selection and appointment of cadres.
8. Do a good job in the construction of grassroots party organizations and the development of party members, and handle the open work of party affairs.
9. Do a good job in discipline inspection in accordance with the work of the party committee.
10. Carry out the ideological and political work and spiritual civilization construction of the college in accordance with the deployment of the party committee.
11. Carry out the propaganda work of the college in accordance with the requirements of the party committee.
12. Grasp the basic principles of the party's united front work policy and the united front of the unit, and be responsible for the specific issues of the united front work.
13. According to the work of the party committee, we will do a good job in communication and coordination of the work of women and women.
14. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

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