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Hotel management

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Hotel management

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The hotel management department consists of two majors: Chinese cooking and nutrition, and Chinese and Western meal noodles. There are 12 classes, with more than 400 students. The faculty is strong and the teaching achievements are outstanding. There are 13 teachers with academic qualifications and reasonable structure, and there are 3 professional teachers of "double integration", including 3 senior titles, 6 senior technicians and 6 professional skills appraisers.
Professional facilities have the longest time and the most training professionals. A total of more than 3,500 middle and senior technical personnel were transported to the social catering service industry, and more than 3,200 people of different levels were trained in the society. Among the many graduates, a considerable number of outstanding graduates have taken up professional leadership positions, and most of them have become professional and technical backbones.
Cultivating major: cooking and nutrition direction (advanced workers, preparatory technicians), direction of the middle and west (premium workers, preparatory technicians).
Courses: kitchen management knowledge, basic knowledge of catering industry, modern kitchen utensils and equipment, diet nutrition and hygiene, cooking ingredients knowledge, cooking ingredients processing technology, banquet design and food development, cooking technology, pastry technology, western cooking foundation, cold spelling and Food carving, cooking aesthetics, Lu cuisine, etc.

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