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Dean's speech

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Dean's speech


Dear classmates:


Welcome to Weihai Technician College!


I hope that the short introduction below will change your understanding of yourself and also truly understand our college.
After a large number of statistical analysis, educators believe that the overall quality of students over 90% is basically the same. Comprehensive qualities include ideological quality, moral quality, knowledge quality, psychological quality, discipline quality, ability and quality, and innovative quality. Each person has his own special qualities or advantages. Successful scholars have discovered the famous "28" law: a successful person whose knowledge quality accounts for 20% of its overall quality, while other qualities account for 80% of its overall quality. Examination-oriented education only uses academic performance to evaluate a student, inhibits the development of students' personality, and hinders the improvement of students' comprehensive quality.
China's vocational education training model has experienced a knowledge-to-skill development stage and is moving toward a quality-based training model. Skills focus on the instrumentality of people, while quality focuses on the comprehensive development of people. Any advanced production tools are eliminated, while highly qualified people can constantly control new production tools and even develop new production tools.
After six years of quality education research and practice, our institute has completely changed the old education methods in the past, and created a scientific quality education model with great success. We solemnly promise that one semester of quality education will enable you to find self-esteem and self-confidence, discover your potential advantages, let you learn positively, live happily and happily, and lay a solid foundation for success.
Welcome to join our college!
Dean of Weihai Technician College
June 2014

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