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Automotive Engineering

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Automotive Engineering

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The Department of Automotive Engineering was established in 2017, and was established to highlight key industries and seize the opportunity of rapid development of the automotive industry. Now it has two majors, including automobile assembly and repair (technician) and agricultural mechanization. There are more than 400 students in the school. There are 14 teachers in the Department of Automotive Engineering, including 3 senior lecturers, 5 lecturers and 2 senior technicians. All full-time teachers are qualified as “double divisions”.
The automobile assembly and repair profession was awarded the Weihai City Demonstration Professional in 2010. In 2010, the Department of Automotive Engineering, as a pilot of the quality education project of the college, achieved great success with all-round, multi-angle and comprehensive quality education and was promoted in the whole hospital.
The Department of Automotive Engineering adheres to the philosophy of “taking morality first, ability first, and virtue”, insisting on the goal of cultivating high-skilled applied talents, serving the local economy, and taking the “integration of industry and education, integration of engineering and learning”. The way. While actively exploring the school-enterprise joint training of high-skilled talents, we will vigorously improve the post-ability of students and put the cultivation of students' comprehensive professional quality and professional ability to the first place.

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