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Intelligent manufacturing

Teaching unit

Intelligent manufacturing

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In order to meet the needs of the forefront of society, the intelligent manufacturing department has developed high-tech, sophisticated and sophisticated technology. It was formally established in 2017 on the basis of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The department was originally founded in 2005 and is one of the early departments of Weihai Technician College. . Now it has five majors: CNC technology (preparatory technician class), numerical control (advanced class), mechatronics (preparatory technician class), mechatronics (advanced class), and electrical and electronic (advanced class), with more than 300 students. Among them, the numerical control (advanced class) major is the provincial key brand key specialty, the provincial demonstration professional group project key construction specialty, Weihai demonstration training base, mechatronics professional and electrical and electronic major for the provincial demonstration professional group project key construction specialty, Weihai City demonstration profession.
There are 18 teachers in the Department of Intelligent Manufacturing, including 7 associate professors (high-level lecturers), 5 lecturers, and 6 young teachers leaders. Most of the current teachers are "double-type" teachers. In recent years, the Department of Intelligent Manufacturing has completed a number of teaching and research projects, published nearly 50 scientific research, teaching and research papers in national core journals or provincial-level important journals, and received high-quality courses, excellent courseware, and excellent work from Weihai and even the labor departments of Shandong Province. More than 20 teaching plans.
The Department of Intelligent Manufacturing adheres to the school-running thinking of “Unity and hard work, pragmatic innovation, and first-class courage”, further strengthens the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and strives to develop the advantages and characteristics of the comprehensive high-quality and high-skilled personnel model, so that the school-running level will reach the first place in the province.
Introduction to CNC Technology
CNC equipment is the most basic equipment for the development of emerging high-tech industries and cutting-edge industries. The direction of CNC vehicles is the foundation and core of today's advanced manufacturing industry. This major is the backbone of the college, aiming to train senior CNC workers who integrate CNC programming, CNC turning, CNC lathe maintenance and commissioning, and CNC production management. The core core courses are: mechanical drawing, CNC machining technology, CNC programming and operation, CNC machine tool use and maintenance, CAD/CAM, CNC machine tool operation skills training. The major cooperates with a number of enterprises and teaching and research institutions to run schools. The number of graduates in the past years is in short supply, and the positions are well-paid.
Introduction to Mechatronics
Mechatronics is a composite technology that combines mechanical, electronic, computer and automatic control technologies. It is the main direction of the development of intelligent and automated industrial technology. It aims to train senior technical personnel engaged in the operation, control, maintenance and management of electromechanical equipment. Mainly open electronic technology, sensor technology, variable frequency converter technology, CNC programming, advanced electrical training operations, intermediate CNC training operations and other courses. Graduates can obtain senior electrician and intermediate CNC leaf technology certification. Graduates are widely employed in the operation, assembly, maintenance and programming and processing of CNC and electronic equipment in large enterprises and group companies, or in drawing, technical management and production management in second-line technical positions.
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The major of electrical and electronic engineering mainly cultivates the knowledge and skills of electrical engineering and electronic technology. It can be engaged in the maintenance, manufacture, maintenance and application of various electrical and electronic equipment, and the combination of advanced technical personnel in power production and operation. It is the backbone and key specialty of our institute. . The core courses are: motor and transformer, electric drive and automatic control circuit, PLC, digital circuit, enterprise power distribution technology, frequency conversion technology, electrical CAD and so on. The professional faculty is strong, and the training is well-equipped, modern and cutting-edge. Graduates are mainly employed in the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment and lines in major enterprises and the power industry. The working environment conditions are superior.

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