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The Higher Vocational Education Department of Weihai Technician College is mainly responsible for the teaching and management of full-time higher vocational colleges and adult distance education.
In 2013, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and the Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the “Notice on Printing and Implementing the Pilot Implementation Plan for the Cooperation and Training of Higher Vocational Education and Technician Education” (Lu Jiaofa [2013] No. 3). It is decided to select high-quality and high-skilled technical talents in the province by selecting excellent vocational colleges and technician colleges. Weihai Technician College stood out among the 34 technician colleges in the province and became one of the first eight technician colleges in Shandong Province to establish a higher vocational college. It has a technician qualification certificate and a high vocational diploma with Weihai Vocational College. Students who are enrolled in the pilot program can obtain the qualifications of the technicians of Weihai Technician College and the full-time higher vocational diploma of Weihai Vocational College.
There are 40 teachers in the Higher Vocational Education Department of Weihai Technician College. All the theoretical teachers have master's degree or above. All the practical teachers have senior professional qualifications. The faculty members of the college are shared with Harbin Gongcheng Rongcheng Campus, and the teachers are also teaching tasks at Harbin Gongcheng Campus. The governorship was served by the former vice president of teaching at the Harbin Institute of Technology, and the faculty lineup was strong.
The Higher Vocational Education Department of Weihai Technician College aims to create “modern high-quality and high-skilled technical talents”, characterized by the success of college quality education and skill training, and based on the professional teaching of Weihai Vocational College, with the teaching resources of Rongcheng Campus of Harbin University of Science and Technology. In order to rely on the realization of the resources sharing of the three schools, a new application-oriented higher vocational education model that fully integrates theory and practice is formed to cultivate the urgently needed high-skilled talents for the society.



CNC Technology
——Higher vocational college, preparatory technician
CNC technology is the core technology of today's advanced manufacturing and modern equipment. It is a technology that uses digital information to control mechanical movement and work processes. This major is oriented to the manufacturing industry. It mainly trains high-end skilled personnel who can engage in machine tool operation, CNC machining process programming and debugging and maintenance of CNC equipment. It has the ability to solve practical problems and lifelong learning ability. Mainly study parts mapping and mechanical CAD, machining process design, CNC machining process and programming, general machine tool electrical control implementation, CNC machining automatic programming technology (Cimatron), programmable control technology application, CNC machine tool control system operation, CNC machine tool installation With debugging and so on. After graduation, you can engage in CNC machining or CNC machine tool debugging and maintenance work. After a certain post training, you can independently engage in CNC machining process preparation, CNC machine tool operation or CNC machine tool installation and commissioning. The specialty focuses on the development of foremen technical engineers, and the graduates have a broad career prospect and a good treatment.
Automotive Inspection and Maintenance
——Higher vocational college, preparatory technician
With the sharp increase in the production and ownership of automobiles in China, the market is in urgent need of a large number of professional and high-quality assembly and maintenance personnel. As one of the key points of the skills shortage training program implemented by the Ministry of Education, vehicle maintenance has reached more than 300,000 talents per year. The professional training has the ability to independently conduct vehicle inspection and maintenance, and can engage in automobile fault detection, analysis, diagnosis, development of maintenance plans, implementation of troubleshooting; can engage in modern automobile management, sales and after-sales service, insurance and claims, car rental, etc. Innovative and advanced applied skills. The vehicle inspection and maintenance technology built the curriculum system with the work process to become the model profession of the college, and took the lead in implementing the behavior-oriented integration teaching. Graduates can engage in automotive testing and maintenance, automotive manufacturing, automotive industry research and development, automotive after-sales services. The employment rate of graduates has reached more than 95%, and the pass rate of student skills appraisal has reached 96%, which has a high social reputation.

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