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Enrollment and employment

Management agency

Enrollment and employment

Admissions and Employment Office Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the preparation, implementation and reporting of the enrollment plan of the whole school;
2. Responsible for the writing of the school admissions brochure and the promotion of admissions, and constantly innovate the form, content and effective channels of admissions;
3. Maintain close contact and regular ditch with schools in and outside the province; further strengthen foreign exchanges and do a good job in school-enterprise joint education;
4. Responsible for formulating student career guidance and graduate employment work plan, and doing a good job in recruiting and employment work;
5. Responsible for improving the employment information system and providing online information services for graduates;
6. Responsible for organizing the supply and demand of graduates and employers to meet and choose, two-way selection and other activities;
7. Responsible for the secretarial work of documenting, documenting, archiving and archival management of documents related to enrollment and employment;
8. Complete other tasks assigned by the school.

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