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General Services

General Affairs Department duties
Under the leadership of the college, the General Affairs Department, in accordance with the education policy and the principle of diligent school-run, assists the dean in the management of the general affairs of the college, serves the teaching, serves the life of teachers and students, and leads and organizes the staff of the General Affairs Office to do the following work:
1. Establish the idea of ​​serving education and teaching services and teachers and students, conscientiously implement the regulations of the higher-level administrative departments, and implement the decisions of the college.
2. Develop and implement the department's work goals and work plans based on the college's work goals and work plans. At the end of the semester, carefully summarize the report. Strengthen the ideological education of logistics personnel, care about the logistics training and technical training of logistics personnel, and do a good job in assessment.
3. Establish procurement, acceptance, requisition, lending, reporting, scrapping, transfer, and warehouse management systems for college assets. Do a good job in the registration, distribution, management, acquisition, maintenance and maintenance of the college assets.
4. Conscientiously implement the principle of diligent schooling, strictly enforce financial discipline, do a good job in financial work, prepare budget for college funds, submit final accounts at the end of the year, strictly implement financial procedures, manage financial files, strictly procure the procurement system, and regularly conduct audits. Rehabilitation of all types of funds.
5. Establish and improve various rules and regulations, and educate the teachers and students on the diligence and protection of public goods. Responsible for the management, maintenance and maintenance of the college facilities.
6. Regularly conduct safety inspections on electricity, water, and gas used in college facilities and facilities, and take measures to prevent accidents.
7. Complete other tasks assigned by the college.

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