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Academic Affairs Office

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Academic Affairs Office

Academic Affairs Office
The Academic Affairs Office is the functional department under the leadership of the Dean and the Associate Dean of Teaching, responsible for the organization, coordination, assessment, evaluation and service of the teaching management of the whole hospital. Its basic task is to establish a stable teaching order, ensure the normal operation of teaching work, organize teaching construction and teaching reform, improve the teaching management mechanism, and achieve teaching goals. The specific job responsibilities are as follows:
1. Assist the college to study and formulate a teaching work plan, review the start plan, prepare the school calendar, and so on.
2. Responsible for organizing various departments to formulate and supervise the implementation of rules and regulations in teaching management.
3. Responsible for organizing and guiding departments to develop professional teaching plans, and organize management syllabus, course descriptions and related teaching documents.
4. Responsible for formulating relevant regulations and notices for the examination, organizing the mid-term and period-end examinations of the whole hospital, all kinds of unified examinations, competitions and skill appraisal work, and do a good job in the management of students' academic achievement records.
5. Responsible for organizing the selection of quality courses in the whole hospital and carrying out the inspection and evaluation of teaching quality in the whole hospital.
6. Organize teaching process, teaching order and other hospital-wide teaching inspections, and assist departments to regularly check the implementation of teaching plans, outlines, and the completion of teaching plans, teaching documents, examinations, etc.;
7. Responsible for booking, reviewing, purchasing and supplying all kinds of teaching materials used by teachers and students.
8. Responsible for supervising the project management of the whole school's teaching reform, professional construction, curriculum construction, teaching material construction and teaching information construction.
9. Responsible for organizing the results of college teaching research and various teaching awards.
10. Do a good job in the test database management system, teaching resource platform, multimedia teaching software and hardware construction, management and use.
11. Responsible for the organization, classification, custody and transfer of the archives of the Academic Affairs Office.
12. Complete other work assigned by the college.

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