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Security office

Management agency

Security office

Security department duties
First, implement the guidelines and policies of the college and superiors on security and safety, and maintain the security and stability of the campus.
Second, formulate rules and regulations for various safety work, and implement various safety and security responsibility systems and safety technology prevention measures.
Third, do a good job in the implementation of the internal social responsibility comprehensive management responsibility system.
Fourth, strengthen the four anti-security publicity and education with "fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-destruction and prevention of disasters" as the main content, improve the safety awareness and self-rescue ability of all teachers and students.
5. Responsible for the fire protection and technical defense work of the college.
6. Strengthen the work guidance for the college security team.
7. Hold various safety and security work meetings on time and do all kinds of safety precautions.
8. Do a good job in the management of household registration, temporary residence, and foreign personnel, and handle letters and visits from the public security.
9. Assist the public security organs in investigating and handling public security cases, criminal cases and disaster accidents in the school; in conjunction with various departments to promptly investigate and deal with disciplinary incidents; do a good job in handling campus emergencies.
X. Actively complete other tasks assigned by the leadership of the college and the higher authorities.

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