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Management agency


Office duties
The office is a comprehensive functional department of the administrative office of the college. Its job function is to work around the center of the college, and actively play the roles of the staff assistants, information hubs, the comprehensive coordination of the departments, and the supervision and implementation of the work. Its main responsibilities are as follows:
1. Responsible for the daily administrative affairs management of the college and coordinate the work of other departments of the college;
2. Responsible for organizing the organization of the whole hospital meeting and checking the implementation of the resolutions of the meeting;
3. Responsible for external liaison and reception work;
4. Responsible for the management and use of the seal of the college, responsible for issuing the letter of introduction, the letter of certification, and responsible for the engraving, activation, and destruction of the seals of various departments;
5. Responsible for the receipt, circulation, registration and archiving of electronic official documents;
6. Responsible for the printing, typesetting, binding and distribution of various text materials of the college;
7. Responsible for the management and confidentiality of files;
8. Responsible for the management and maintenance of the telephone and the management and dispatch of the vehicle;
9. Responsible for the supervision of the leading cadres on duty and on weekends and holidays;
10. Responsible for the subscription, reception and distribution of various newspapers and magazines;
11. Responsible for the annual review of the organization code, legal person certificate and vehicle license;
12. Responsible for the management and service of retired cadres, teachers and staff;
13. Responsible for the statistics and reporting of leading cadre information;
14. Responsible for the handling of letters and visits and the reply of the mayor's public telephone and Minxin network issues;
15. Responsible for the evaluation and appointment of professional titles;
16. Responsible for personnel work;
17. Responsible for the maintenance and information reporting of the system, the retired cadre department, the credit information system, etc.;
18. Responsible for fundraising, employee insurance, employee medical insurance and annual salary statistics;
19. Responsible for the arrangement of the leadership office and conference rooms, the collection and use of supplies, and sanitary cleaning;
20. Complete other tasks assigned by the hospital leadership.

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