Sui Yanqiu came to our college to investigate the opening of the school

On September 20, Sui Yanqiu, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Education Work Committee, came to our college to research the opening of the school year. College leaders Jiang Mao Xu, Li Ning, Zhang Fuhua, Long Xinhai accompanied the activities.

Sui Yanqiu learned in detail about the college's opening preparations, epidemic prevention and control, and gave full affirmation to the college's advance deployment, mapping the bottom line, adequate supplies, strengthening mental health education, strengthening training and emergency drills and other work.






Sui Yanqiu pointed out that the school is the top priority of the epidemic prevention and control work. It is time for students to return to school and new students to report to school, to enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen the active research and response, in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job of school and epidemic prevention and control work in a strict and practical manner. To strengthen the information mapping, tighten the entrance gate, and firmly guard the bottom line of campus epidemic prevention and control. To strengthen campus safety management, make the work plan and emergency plan, grasp the ideology, food safety, student management and other work, to provide strong protection for education and teaching. To fully protect the reasonable needs of teachers and students, strengthen communication and docking, reasonably develop the November holiday arrangements, do a good job of logistical support, and build a comfortable and safe campus environment.



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