Weihai City Social Training and Evaluation Organization (Weihai Institute of Technology) to carry out vocational skills level recognition announcement

According to the Notice of Shandong Province Human Resources and Social Security Department on the Announcement of the List of Social Training and Evaluation Organizations of Vocational Skill Level Determination of Shandong Labor Technician College and Other Technical Colleges, the Letter on Agreeing to the Vocational Skill Level Determination Work of Weihai Institute of Technology by Weihai Public Employment and Talent Service Center and the Letter on Agreeing to the Adjustment of Vocational Skill Level Determination Occupation (Work Type) of Social Training and Evaluation Organizations of Weihai Institute of Technology, the letter is S000037100001. In order to further play the leading role of vocational skill level recognition in the cultivation of skilled talents, in accordance with the work plan of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, our institute will carry out the work of vocational skill level recognition in accordance with the "Regulations on the Issuance of Vocational Skill Level Recognition (Trial)". In order to further play the leading role of vocational skill level recognition in skill talent cultivation, in accordance with the deployment of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, our institute will carry out the vocational skill level recognition work for the society in accordance with the requirements of the Notice on the Issuance of the Regulations of Vocational Skill Level Recognition (for Trial Implementation) (No. 17 [2020] of the Human Resources and Social Work Division). The following announcement is issued to identify vocational skill levels.

I. Vocational skill level recognition project

2022 vocational skills level recognition project: turning, milling, auto repair, electrician, Chinese cook, Chinese pastry chef, pliers, e-commerce, advertising designer and other occupations (types) of vocational skills level recognition (see Annex 1).

Second, vocational skills level recognition time

According to the "Schedule of the Second Batch of Vocational Skill Level Recognition of Weihai Institute of Technology in 2022" (Annex 2). If there are less than 20 applicants for the same type and grade, the resources will be coordinated and the time of recognition will be adjusted.

III. Declaration of vocational skill level recognition

1、Registration conditions

Applicant units and individuals submit the declaration materials for registration at the specified time in accordance with the conditions for declaration of national occupational skills standards (see Annex 3 for details of the registration conditions).

2、Declaration materials

Candidates who participate in the vocational skill level recognition can scan the code to obtain or visit the website of Weihai Institute of Technology to download the materials required for declaration, and fill in the complete declaration information and sign by hand in strict accordance with the requirements of vocational skill level recognition (refer to Annex 4 for specific requirements).

(1) Materials to be provided by all candidates

A. Application Form (Annex 5); B. Assessment Form (Annex 6); C. Application Commitment (Annex 7); D. Original ID card, 2 copies of ID card; E. 2 color (white background) photos; F. Color electronic photos (white background, less than 20k, named with ID number, last one capitalized if it is X, jpg format. (The width to height ratio is: 118px wide by 146px high).

(2) According to the requirements of the declaration requirements to submit the materials

A. Declaration conditions require a certain vocational skills level (vocational qualifications) or professional and technical qualifications, you need to submit the original certificate and copies of the certificate has been obtained.

B. Declaration of the conditions required to meet a certain number of years of work, you need to submit "proof of years of work" (Annex 8).

C. If the declaration conditions require certain academic qualifications, the original and copies of the academic certificates or the online verification report of the Ministry of Education should be submitted.

3. Instructions for declaration

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the identification work, so that the candidates involved in the identification to enjoy a convenient, efficient and professional identification services, the declaration of personnel can be two days before the field declaration, sweep code 2 to join the WeChat group (see the QR code below, updated every Sunday) and real name notes, into the group, sweep code 3 to complete the online pre-registration.

4、Declaration location

Social Training Department, Room 106, No.1 Teaching Building, Weihai Institute of Technology (No.2006, College Road, Rongcheng City)

5、Qualification audit and fee payment

After the candidates' declaration materials are qualified, they should pay the vocational skill level recognition fee according to the requirements of the subsequent notice.

6、Declaration requirements

Candidates should follow the relevant requirements for registration of vocational skills level to ensure that the information filled in is complete and accurate, and that the work history and supporting materials are true, if false, the declaration will be canceled. Have taken the examination to cancel the current examination results of all subjects. Has obtained the certificate, cancel the certificate data retrieval and skill level certificate qualification.

Fourth, the determination of fees

Candidates vocational skills level recognition fees in accordance with Annex 9, the payment method will be released in the WeChat work group.

V. Location

Weihai Institute of Technology (No. 2006, College Road, Rongcheng City).

VI. Certification method and certificate issuance

For occupational trades with recognition level 3, 4 and 5, the recognition consists of two parts: theoretical knowledge test and operational skills test. The occupational trades identified as level 2 are identified by theoretical knowledge examination, operational skills assessment and comprehensive evaluation, of which the comprehensive evaluation is required to submit an essay on the day (see Annex 10 for specific format). Theoretical knowledge is conducted in the form of machine examination, and all assessments are based on a percentage system. Those who reach 60 points are qualified, and those who are qualified are issued vocational skill level certificates of corresponding grades by the college (certificates can be found on the national network inquiry platform of skill evaluation certificates of the Skill Identification Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security http://jndj.osta.org.cn/查询).

VII. Results inquiry and certificate collection

Candidates to participate in the examination results will be announced within 15 working days, the results will be published on the College's official website or public WeChat number, the public period of 5 working days. You can also call 0631-7592836 to inquire about the results.

VIII. Other notes

Candidates taking the examination for vocational skill level recognition should strictly follow the relevant provisions of the "Examination Prevention and Control Guidelines for the Period of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Shandong Province", read carefully the Notice of Epidemic Prevention and Control for Candidates for Vocational Skill Level Recognition (Annex 11), and fill in the Candidate Health Management Information Collection Form (Annex 12) and the Candidate Health Commitment Form (Annex 13) before the examination.

IX. Registration Consultation

If you encounter any problems during the registration process, candidates can contact the vocational skills level recognition department of Weihai Institute of Technology.

Tel: 0631-7592836

Policy consultation.

Mr. Yu:13869009719

Mr. Zhao: 18963109399

Tips: Candidates who are interested in registration must carefully check the relevant attachments


Scan code 1 to view related attachments


Scan code 2 to join the WeChat registration group


Scan code 3 to fill out the form to pre-register

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