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Weihai Technician College

Our hospital launched a series of activities to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

During the period of "July 1", party organizations at all levels of the college carried out a series of activities to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The Party Committee of the College organized party members and cadres to visit Dashijiapo Village in Chengshan Town, and issued the "Rongcheng City 2018 Practical Matter of People's Livelihood and Related Policies Understanding Paper" household by household, publicizing the key work of the municipal government, practical matters of people's livelihood and policies for agriculture to the people in the village, and sending holiday greetings and blessings. The party members in difficulty in life are mapped to understand the family situation of the party members in difficulty, and timely issue hardship subsidies for the party members in difficulty to solve practical difficulties. Organize party members to carry out voluntary service activities in the community of Giaojiang, participate in learning with the community members, and distribute "Rongcheng City's 2018 practical matters of people's livelihood and related policies understanding paper" to the community and surrounding residents to explain the relevant policies of the city.

Each party branch organized party members to study and discuss the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Shandong Province. Party members expressed that they should keep in mind the political responsibility and historical mission of communists, always maintain the advanced nature of communists, devote themselves to their work with more enthusiasm, and effectively play the pioneering role of communists. The "Double Lift" project will be held to find out the problems in the implementation of the "Double Lift" project to strengthen the construction of the cadre (for trial implementation). At the meeting, the party members closely related to the actual work and thought, grouped criticism and self-criticism, effectively identify their own problems, clear next corrective measures and work ideas. Party members were reminded to revisit the oath of party membership, watch the red revolutionary movies such as "The Great Work of the Party", "Gutian Conference" and "The Great Fire", review the history of the Party's struggle together, remind the party members to be strict with themselves, not forgetting the original intention, and practice their duties as party members with practical actions.