Weihai Technician College

Painting and Calligraphy Competition

On December 23, Weihai Institute of Technology held the second campus painting and calligraphy competition, with the theme of "Me and Nature", aiming to show the beauty of nature in the eyes of students, guide teachers and students to pay attention to nature, experience nature and depict nature, inspire students' love for the motherland, hometown and school, and make students gain beauty in the activity. The students will enjoy the joy of art. After careful planning, the painting and calligraphy competition was a complete success.

The competition included calligraphy and painting, and was held in the form of a live competition, with a time limit of 90 minutes. The students painted and calligraphed intensely and seriously in a short time, and a large number of excellent calligraphy and painting works emerged. The final first prize was won by Zhang Yu from 12 CNC class 2, Zhou Jiayi from 11 CNC class 1 and Mu Xiaoxia from 12 programming class, the second prize winners were: Li Yiran from 13 computer class 1, Fan Bingzhi from 13 computer class 2, He Yuquan from 13 auto repair class 3, Zhang Luxin from 12 culinary class 2 and Tang Demin from 12 e-commerce, the third prize winners were: Sun Yuwei from 13 computer class 1, Sun Yuwei from 13 computer class 2 and Sun Yuwei from 13 computer class 2. The third prize winners are: Sun Yuwei of Computer I, Wang Le of Computer II, Wang Yubo of Welding, Wang Senyu of Culinary III, Qiu Xiaolin of E-Commerce, and Wang Shucheng of Agricultural Machinery, and there are also seven other excellent winners.