Weihai Technician College

The second campus art festival came to a successful conclusion

On December 26, the closing ceremony of the Second Campus Art Festival and the 2014 New Year's Day Party of Weihai College of Technology was held in the Cultural and Sports Center of the college. The closing ceremony was hosted by Director Wang Weijian, and Vice President Cheng Xuebing delivered the closing speech of the festival and a New Year greeting on behalf of the college. Teachers and students on campus watched the performance.
The evening started with a beautiful wind ensemble, followed by the chorus, top ten singers, comedy, skits, dances and other wonderful programs that won awards in the Campus Arts Festival. It was a cold day, but the hall was full of festive atmosphere. Laughter and laughter, lights flashing, the air was filled with the joy of the New Year, and the songs transmitted eternal wishes ...... The evening climaxed and won the audience's applause.
This campus culture and art festival not only provides a stage for students to show their talents, but also further implements the quality education expansion plan for vocational school students, enriches campus cultural life, creates a harmonious campus cultural atmosphere, improves the overall quality of our students, and promotes their health and overall development.