CNC Machining major (intermediate engineer, Senior engineer, technician)

-- The key construction project of the national Training Base for high-skilled Talents and the key construction project of Shandong Province Demonstration Professional Group

As the development trend of the world's manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing is the core of today's industrial revolution. Intelligent Manufacturing Department is the key construction department of our college to set up mechanical majors. It sets up CNC lathe processing and other high-tech majors for the dominant industries in our city. This major cultivates highly skilled talents with good humanistic quality, professional ethics, psychological quality and corresponding theoretical knowledge of mechanical specialty. CNC Lathe major is the basic major for the precise connection between "Made in China 2025" and Germany's "Industry 4.0". Our intelligent manufacturing training base is equipped with domestic leading level of CNC equipment.

The main courses include: mechanical drawing, numerical control machining technology, numerical control programming and operation, numerical control machine tool use and maintenance, CAD/CAM, numerical control machine tool operation skills training, etc.

Employment direction: numerical control programming and processing, high-end equipment maintenance and repair, production management, etc.

This major has a strong faculty and equipment force. It has 18 full-time teachers, including 7 with senior titles, and double-professional teachers account for 100% of the total teachers. The school also employs industry and enterprise experts with rich practical experience as part-time teachers. It has the first-class practical training resources in the province. It has various kinds of production and training equipment such as three-axis machining center, CNC lathe, industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing automatic production line. The school has achieved fruitful results. Our college has won more than 60 provincial and above skills competition awards. Numerical control major adheres to the cultivation concept of "thick foundation, fine skills, strong quality", focuses on cultivating students' comprehensive quality, and lays a solid foundation for students' personalized development.

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