Automotive Maintenance Major (Intermediate engineer, Senior Engineer, technician)

-- The national Training Base for highly skilled personnel project and the provincial Demonstration Professional Group project

-- The first batch of pilot programs cooperating with higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province

This major aims to cultivate highly skilled talents who can master the basic theory and latest technology of modern automobile structure, principle and performance, and can use advanced intelligent equipment for fault diagnosis and detection of motor vehicles. In order to meet the development needs of the modern automobile industry, this major draws on the international advanced training concepts, introduces the German dual system training mode, and carries out the teaching practice of new energy vehicles, automobile structure and principle, automobile electrical equipment, the use of automobile testing equipment, automobile fault diagnosis, the use of various automobile testing equipment and the whole vehicle testing process.

Compulsory courses are: new energy vehicles, intelligent automobile technology, automobile chassis construction and maintenance, automobile engine construction and maintenance, automobile electrical equipment construction and maintenance, automobile electronic control technology, automobile marketing and other professional courses.

Employment direction: auto maintenance, auto express insurance, service consultant, parts management, auto beauty, auto insurance claims, auto sales, auto manufacturing, workshop management, new car testing and debugging and other related positions in the auto industry.

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