Mechatronics Technology major (intermediate engineer, senior engineer, technician)

-- German dual system training major, Shandong Provincial Demonstration professional group project key construction major

This major is based on the German dual-system education and training concept, guided by the internationally recognized three-dimensional comprehensive vocational ability model, implements German standards, adopts German courses, and awards the AHK certificate with international certification. This major introduces the German vocational training management mode, adopts the German standard Industry 4.0 practical training system and equipment, and the teaching materials and courses are jointly developed by experts from Chinese and German education enterprises.

Compulsory courses are: mechanical subsystem production and assembly, electrical system installation and commissioning, frequency converter application and maintenance, servo control system application, numerical control programming and operation, PLC, advanced electrician practical training operation, electromechanical integration project practice, industrial robot workstation system integration, intelligent production line commissioning and maintenance and other professional courses.

Employment direction: high salary positions such as installation and commissioning technician, system integration engineer, product R&D engineer and sales engineer in high-quality German-funded enterprises.

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