Industrial Robot Application and Maintenance major (Intermediate engineering, senior engineering)

-- Key construction project of national training base for highly skilled personnel

Industrial robot is an automatic equipment integrating machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensor, artificial intelligence and other multidisciplinary advanced technologies, representing the development direction of intelligent equipment in the future. This major aims to cultivate high-quality skilled talents with operational experience, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness who are oriented to industrial robot manufacturers, industrial robot system integrators and application enterprises and can independently engage in production operation management, operation maintenance, programming debugging, installation and maintenance of industrial robot equipment, mechatronic integration equipment and electrical automation equipment. The first three years for mechatronics direction, after two years for industrial robot direction.

The compulsory courses are: Programmable controller programming and its application, industrial robot application programming, robot studio offline programming, industrial robot workstation installation and commissioning, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission technology, sensor technology application and other professional courses.

Employment direction: system designer and editor of industrial robot and mechatronic integration equipment, assembly, debugging, professional sales, after-sales service management personnel, engaged in the development and transformation of electrical automation equipment.

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