Agricultural Machinery Use and maintenance major (intermediate engineer, Senior engineer, technician)

-- Major supported by the state and major constructed by the college

For agriculture-related majors supported by the state, students can enjoy a state grant of 2000 yuan per year for the first two years of enrollment. Train students to master the basic professional knowledge of the application and maintenance of agricultural machinery such as automobiles and tractors, and make them have the use and maintenance skills of the related equipment of automobiles and tractors, strong ability of the application, repair, maintenance, sales and after-sales service of automobiles and tractors, and have a certain spirit of work innovation. This major covers all the professional courses of automobile maintenance, adding agricultural machinery repair, welder, fitter and other professional courses.

Compulsory courses are more than 20 courses, such as electrical and electronic, mechanical foundation, agricultural machinery repair, automobile detection and maintenance, automobile chassis construction and maintenance, automobile engine construction and maintenance, automobile electrical equipment construction and maintenance, and automobile repair training.

Employment direction: Mainly for agricultural machinery maintenance enterprises and automobile maintenance enterprises, engaged in agricultural machinery, automobile maintenance, after-sales service and basic management, engaged in agricultural machinery and automobile manufacturing enterprises, automobile 4S shops and automobile after-sales service, also engaged in traffic management, detection and other work in the field of traffic management.

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