Intelligent welding processing major (intermediate, senior)

-- The key construction project of the national Training Base for high-skilled Talents and the key construction project of Shandong Province Demonstration Professional Group

Intelligent welding technology is one of the most important material processing technologies in modern manufacturing industry, with the name of "industrial tailor", automation, high degree of intelligence, good working environment, easier labor intensity. This major aims to serve the manufacturing industry of Shandong Peninsula, and aims to cultivate high-quality technical talents who can meet the needs of local market economy, master welding operation technology, design and implement metal welding process, use and maintenance of welding equipment, quality control and production management, etc.

The compulsory courses are: welding process, welding of metal materials, welding structure production, welding methods and equipment, arc welding power supply, welding production management and testing and other professional courses.

Employment direction: Mainly for shipbuilding, automobile, bridge, mechanical repair, construction, logistics services and other welding technology application positions. Engaged in the occupation position of welding operator, welding technician, welding quality inspector, welding production organization manager.

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