Graphic Design major (Intermediate, senior)

-- Key construction major of the College

With the rapid development of computer and network technology, all industries are increasingly in urgent need of technical talents such as graphic arrangement and image processing, computer maintenance and network application. Graphic design major aims to train students to master the basic theory of advertising operation, have strong artistic modeling and visual expression ability, and skillfully use modern computer design, commercial photography and other special application skills. Qualified for advertising creative design, production execution, advertising planning, design management and other professional job groups of high-quality applied art design talents.

Compulsory courses are: Advertising art, Photoshop, AI, Animation design, network database, 3Dmax and other professional courses. Graduates can obtain the advertising Designer certificate.

Employment direction: In recent years, the graphic major has signed employment agreements with many enterprises such as Sofia, Opai, Tower Graphic and graphic, engaged in printing, design, spray painting, web production, home decoration graphic design and other related work.

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