Comprehensive Management of Rural Economy (Intermediate and Senior)

-- Receiving state grants

The major of Comprehensive Management of Rural Economy is an emerging major with key support from the state and broad employment prospects. Students in the first two years enjoy a national grant of 2000 yuan per year. It aims to cultivate specialized talents who can meet the needs of rural e-commerce, master the basic operation methods and skills of systematic rural economic management and computer, grafting various resources serving rural areas through the network platform, and expanding rural information service business and service field.

The main courses include: Accounting basis, Cashier practice, e-commerce basis, computer basis, Internet marketing, Photoshop, financial laws and regulations and professional ethics, agricultural products e-commerce live broadcast, Taobao practical training and other professional courses.

Employment direction: Engaged in enterprise operation management, rural economic management, financial accounting, financial management, agricultural market development, agricultural sales brokerage, rural intermediary services and other work in enterprises and organizations related to agriculture, rural economic cooperation organizations, rural administrative departments, etc.

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