E-commerce Major (Intermediate engineering, Senior engineering)

-- Weihai Demonstration Major

E-commerce is an emerging major based on information technology such as the Internet and facing business activities in modern economic and social fields. Under the macro background of the new media era, e-commerce has been developing rapidly, which has triggered the urgent demand for e-commerce talents in the market. This major aims to cultivate the practical abilities of data analysis, customer service, store management, e-commerce live streaming, platform operation and other business activities, innovation and entrepreneurship, with solid knowledge of e-commerce and marketing theory, computer office and software application, adapting to the needs of local economic development. E-commerce professionals with good communication and understanding and teamwork ability.

Compulsory courses include: e-commerce basis, accounting basis, cashier practice, computer basis, network marketing, Photoshop, AI, online shop operation, e-commerce live broadcast, Taobao practical training and other professional courses.

Employment direction: Engaged in Internet marketing, online shop operation, new media operation and other marketing planning work, online shop art, online shop decoration and other design work, e-commerce customer services and other service work.

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