Early Childhood Education (Intermediate)

-- Key construction major of the College

Early childhood education is a major supported by the state. It has a broad employment future and superior working conditions. This major aims to train students to be able to meet the needs of socialist modernization, develop morally, intellectually, physically, the United States and Labor in an all-round way, have good professional ethics and humanistic qualities, have solid basic knowledge of modern science and culture, systematically master solid basic theories of modern preschool education, professional knowledge and basic skills, as well as teaching ability, and have comprehensive professional ability and innovative spirit. A new type of preschool education worker who can adapt to the needs of the development and reform of modern preschool education, who is competent for kindergarten teaching, and who can engage in the work of conservation, education and management in kindergartens and other relevant institutions. The existing resources of this specialty include 1 body training room, 1 dance room, 2 piano rooms, 20 pianos, 100 accordions, 3 multimedia classrooms, 2 computer classrooms, and the addition of manual production room and environmental art design room.

Compulsory courses include: preschool health care, preschool education, preschool psychology, design and implementation of health education activities, design and implementation of language education activities, practical music course for preschool teachers, practical dance course for preschool teachers, oral English and Mandarin course for preschool teachers, practical art course for preschool teachers and other professional courses.

Employment direction: this major can adapt to the following positions after graduation: first, for all kinds of kindergarten engaged in early childhood education and kindergarten management work, such as kindergarten teachers, childcare workers, kindergarten teaching auxiliary personnel; The second is to work for educational institutions, such as nursery teachers, teachers of early education institutions, teachers of music and dance training institutions, and related research and development of children's picture books, etc. The third is to apply for kindergarten teachers of related professional colleges and universities.

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