Aviation Service Major (Intermediate)

-- Major of order cultivation with Shanghai Aviation Training Institute

In cooperation with Shanghai Aviation Training Institute, this major aims to cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents who meet the needs of civil aviation modernization, have high ideological and political quality, all-round development of morality, intelligence and physical beauty, basic skills of aviation service, strong practical ability, good physical and mental health, and can be engaged in air service and ground service.

Compulsory courses are: physical training, civil aviation service etiquette and practice, Mandarin and broadcasting skills, Civil aviation service English, Introduction to Civil aviation transport, Civil aviation passenger service psychology, civil aviation geography, civil aviation cabin safety and management, civil aviation cabin service and other professional courses.

Employment direction: domestic and foreign major airlines, airports, etc. This major adopts the "3+3" school-running mode. In the first three years, I will study in our school, and in the last three years, I will study in a junior college through the independent enrollment of the corresponding university, so as to improve my educational level. In 2020, the admission rate of our first college entrance examination graduates reached 93%.

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