The graduates of our college successfully passed the recruitment interview and assessment of Rongcheng Thermoelectric Gas Group

On July 4th, 2013, our college selected this year and some previous welding graduates to participate in the recruitment assessment organized by Rongcheng Thermoelectric Gas Group. Through the intense interview and skill operation examination, all 5 graduates passed the examination with excellent results. He will start work on July 12.

Rongcheng Thermoelectric Gas Group Co., LTD., established in 2013, is an independent legal entity owned by the whole people, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. Its four subsidiaries are Rongcheng Thermal Power Plant, Rongcheng Tianyi Thermal Power Co., LTD., Rongcheng Heating Co., LTD., and Rongcheng Ganghua Gas Co., LTD., with 726 employees.

Cogeneration Gas Group this time to recruit 5 welding professional technical workers, the work place is Rongcheng cogeneration Power Plant, Rongcheng Tianyi Cogeneration Co., LTD. The leaders of the group company spoke highly of the skill level of the students in our school and indicated that they would continue to recruit students in our school in the future. For the hired graduates, the company will sign a labor contract immediately after the probation period, and will provide students with good professional training and personal promotion space according to the development needs.

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