Cuisine and Nutrition Major (Chinese and Western pastry, intermediate, senior)

-- Weihai Demonstration Major and Weihai Demonstration Training Base

This major (Chinese and Western pastry direction) mainly cultivates professionals engaged in the production of Chinese and Western pastry, skilled talents and senior management personnel who master the identification and application of Chinese and Western pastry raw materials, Chinese and Western pastry process and production technology. This specialty is organically combined with intelligent catering equipment research and development, operation and service, to realize the intelligent, networked, standardized, international pastry, development prospects are broad.

Compulsory courses are: pastry technology, Western food technology, cooking raw material processing technology, cooking technology, Chinese and Western pastry making technology, pastry decoration technology, cooking nutrition and health and other professional courses.

Employment direction: Engaged in Chinese and Western pastry production technology, product development and operation management in large and medium-sized catering enterprises and baked goods enterprises. Graduates can also start their own businesses, with strong incentive policies and huge potential for development.

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