Introduction of Weihai Institute of Technology

Weihai Institute of Technology is a full-time technical college approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the People's Government of Shandong Province, with the main goal of training technicians and senior workers, as well as undertaking the task of training highly skilled personnel for in-service workers of enterprises and teachers of various vocational education and training institutions. Founded in 1986, the college has been identified as "Key Technical School of Shandong Province", "National Key Technical School", "Senior Technical School", "Technical College", "Technical College" and "Technical College". "In 2008, Rongcheng College of Harbin University of Technology was established in our college. Rongcheng College of Harbin Institute of Technology officially enrolled undergraduate and specialist students. since 2009, in the provincial and municipal professional evaluation of vocational education in our college, two majors were awarded the famous brand key majors in Shandong Province, the ship welding technology professional group was identified as the provincial model professional group in Shandong Province technical colleges, three majors were awarded the title of provincial model practical training base, five majors were awarded the model majors in Weihai City, and two majors were awarded the title of Weihai City The title of demonstration training base was awarded to five majors and two majors.

It is the first batch of pilot institutions in Shandong Province for cooperation cultivation between higher vocational education and technician education. In 2014, approved by Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Weihai Institute of Technology became one of the first eight technical colleges in Shandong Province to establish higher vocational specialties, and implement the "dual certificate of technician qualification and higher vocational college diploma" with Weihai Vocational College. The students of the pilot program can get the full-time senior professional diploma of Weihai Vocational College and the preparatory technician certificate of Weihai Technician College after completing their studies.

Strong faculty and first-class teaching facilities. Weihai Institute of Technology is located in Rongcheng City, Weihai. It covers an area of 750 mu, with a construction area of 98,000 square meters and fixed assets of 120 million yuan. It has various kinds of high-standard libraries, multimedia classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, voice rooms, internship workshops and so on. The college insists on both professional knowledge and practical skills, and has a strong team of dual-teacher teachers. There are 230 faculty members, including 176 full-time teachers, and the proportion of teachers with master's degree or above is 26%, and the ratio of "double-teacher" teachers to professional teachers is 54%. The college shares teaching resources with Rongcheng College of Harbin University of Science and Technology, which greatly improves the teachers and professional level.

Adhering to the scientific mode of school operation, the college provides graduates with a broad space for development. The college takes the market demand as the guide, takes the position (type of work) as the orientation, and pays attention to students' skill cultivation. It insists on the dual training mode of school-enterprise combination, guides the "enterprise culture" into the campus at an early stage, and implements "order" training. The implementation of integrated teachers, that is, professors + masters, focus on training highly skilled personnel. The college has been working with famous enterprises such as Samsung Heavy Industries, Huadong NC, Huatai Automobile, Huali Electric, Huanghai Shipbuilding, Weigao Group, and Jiajiayue, etc., to implement orientation training. At present, many graduates of the college have become the backbone of business and technical talents of enterprises and institutions, and the demand for various types of graduates exceeds the supply.

Comprehensive implementation of quality education, to realize the leap of highly skilled personnel from skill-based to quality-based. The college insists on the philosophy of "being a person before doing anything" and implements quality education comprehensively, devotes to cultivating students' good morality, civilized behavior and healthy psychology, focuses on exploring students' potential advantages, cultivates students' positive spirit, and allows students to grow up with confidence, health and happiness. The College has established the Quality Education Department to provide a semester of quality education training for new students, forming a systematic and comprehensive training system for quality education. Through the first semester of quality education completely change the life of students.

Create social training brand and promote regional economic development. The college is a service outsourcing talent training institution in Shandong Province, an expatriate labor training institution in Shandong Province, and a CNC machining simulation identification unit in Shandong Province. It has a training base for "Golden Blue Collar" in Weihai City and a training base for workers' skills upgrading, etc. It has trained more than 10,000 skilled personnel such as Golden Blue Collar technicians and senior workers for the society, and has been awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Training Institution" by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province.

The development goal of Weihai Institute of Technology is to further update the philosophy of schooling, reform the mode of talent training, and build a first-class technical college in the province and a famous one in China.