Annual Report on Information Disclosure Work of Weihai Institute of Technology in 2015

    This report is prepared according to the Implementation Plan of Information Disclosure of Weihai Institute of Technology. This report consists of three parts: overview, active disclosure of information, problems and improvement measures.
    I. Overview
    The information disclosure work of Weihai Institute of Technology is an important measure to implement the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Government Information Disclosure and the Measures on Information Disclosure in Higher Education Institutions, and an important work to improve the transparency of school work, strengthen the democratic management and promote the governance of the school according to the law. 2015-2016 has made outstanding progress mainly in improving the information disclosure system and increasing the intensity of information disclosure. It mainly includes the following aspects.
    1. Sound organization
    The college has set up a leading group for information disclosure in Weihai Institute of Technology, headed by the president, with the deputy head of the school in charge and the members consisting of the office, the political work department and other unit heads. The information disclosure office is set up under the leading group, and the information disclosure office is located in the Department of Political Science and Technology. This year, the organizational structure of information disclosure has been improved to ensure the effective implementation of information disclosure work.
    2. Improve the system
    In accordance with the requirements of "Information Disclosure Measures of Higher Education Institutions" and the actual situation of the college, the "Information Disclosure Plan of Weihai Institute of Technology" is formulated, which makes comprehensive regulations on the working organization and specific responsibilities of information disclosure, the content and scope of disclosure, ways and procedures of the college. It guarantees the standardization of information disclosure work.
    3. Establishment of information disclosure column
    In accordance with the requirements of the Weihai Municipal Committee, the College opened an information disclosure column in the College portal in September 2016. The content of the column arranges the columns of notice and announcement, basic information, enrollment and examination information, financial assets and fee information, etc. The information disclosure system, public directory, information disclosure annual report and other related information are disclosed.
    Second, the active disclosure of information
    1. Number of active public information.
    In 2015, a total of 75 pieces of new active public information.
    2. Active public information content.
    Information on the basic situation of the school. Including the name of the school, location, nature, purpose, level, scale of operation, internal management system, institutional settings and other basic information. College enrollment information; personnel appointment and dismissal information, financial rules and regulations, annual financial income and expenditure and other financial information.
    3. Active ways and means of information disclosure.
    The information is mainly disclosed in the form of the Internet, while the information is disclosed in the form of various statistical reports and other paper materials and meetings.
    III. Main problems and improvement measures
    The main problems in the implementation of information disclosure are: the content, form and procedures of information disclosure are not standardized enough; the long-term mechanism of information disclosure needs to be further improved. The next step is to
    1. Strengthen learning and publicity. Further study relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the requirements of the higher level, improve the ideological understanding, improve the system construction, and enhance the ability to disclose information knowledge.
    2. Strengthen the construction of platform mechanism. Around teachers, students, staff and social windows, create a first-class information interoperability mechanism, further enhance the transparency of process information, and continuously improve the level of democratic management and scientific decision-making.
    3.Establish a long-term mechanism for information disclosure. Combining the successful experience of party affairs and school affairs disclosure, improve the construction of the information disclosure column and the directory of information disclosure of the school, make full use of the means of informationization, enrich the form of information disclosure and explore the long-term mechanism of information disclosure.
Information Disclosure Office of Weihai Institute of Technology
   March 2016

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