Highlights of the first semester of 2016-2017 at Weihai Institute of Technology

The general idea of the new semester: take "two studies and one work" education as the leader, strengthen the party education and party style and clean government construction, strengthen the sense of responsibility and responsibility, give full play to the party organization's role as a fighting base and the party members' role as a pioneer. Comprehensively implement the moral education system project, solidly promote the standardization construction, deepen the deep cooperation between schools and enterprises, research and develop a series of specialties, solidify the foundation of team research facilities, enhance the core competitiveness of the college, actively serve the economic and social development, and continuously push the college construction and development reform to a new stage.

First, in-depth "two studies and one do" learning and education

1, in accordance with the requirements of the higher level to carry out in-depth and solid "two studies and one do" learning and education.

2, the study of the implementation of new strategies for the development and construction of the college reform.

3, play the role of the grass-roots party organizations and the role of the party members as a bastion of fighting power and pioneer.

4, the sound and implementation of party building and integrity construction rules and regulations.

5, package support village work.

(Responsible person: Zhang Fuhua)

Second, solidly promote the standardization of construction

6, improve the standardization of the rules and regulations; this semester to modify and improve the standardization of the system construction of the rules and regulations, the division of labor is responsible. (Responsible person: Zhang Fuhua)

7, the organization of study and assessment of standardized construction; simulate the way the party and government study examinations, the establishment of a standardized question bank and examination mode, distinguish different personnel, public questions + professional questions. Organize study and examination. (Responsible person: Zhang Fuhua)

8, assessment of faculty and staff to implement standardized construction; (responsible person: Liu Jeming)

9, assessment of the implementation of standardized construction of the department. (Responsible person: Liu Jie Ming)

Third, the full implementation of the moral education system project

10, the establishment of the Department of Moral Education, freshmen to fully implement the moral education system project.

11, continue to study the implementation of the moral education system project, improve the education management of older students; lead department student affairs, three departments, the Department of practical training focus on the implementation of the department.

12, the full implementation of the moral education system project assessment and evaluation; and standardization of the construction of the integration of the Student Affairs Department is responsible for.

(Responsible person: Liu Jie Ming)

Fourth, deepen school-enterprise cooperation in school work

13, the implementation of the provincial and municipal "new apprenticeship" work; the implementation of good two-level pilot, effective, out of experience.

14, the establishment of Shengquan Senior Citizens College.

(Responsible person: Liu Jiming)

V. Research and development of a series of specialties

15、Cooperation in the development of nursing care professions for the elderly

16、Developing the specialty of kindergarten teacher

17. developing art majors.

18、Development of spring college entrance examination majors

19、Applying for "3+2" "3+4"

20、Enrich campus cultural activities

(Responsible person: Liu Jie Ming)

Sixth, continuously improve the level of social training

21. Maintain the scale to improve the level, train teachers and provide experience for the college to serve the society. (Responsible person: Cheng Xuebing)

VII. Continue to carry out teaching and research activities

22. Develop teaching and research plans and carry out competition activities. (Responsible person: Liu Jeming)

VIII. Seriously do a good job in building the faculty

23. training programs for young teachers, college training, and enterprise exercise.

24, cadre teachers outbound training.

25, listening to the supervision of the class.

(Responsible person: Liu Jie Ming)

Nine, efforts to build a civilized and safe campus

26, safe campus construction; (responsible person: Cheng Xuebing)

27, general affairs work materials inventory; (responsible person: Cheng Xuebing)

28. Construction of financial rules and regulations.

(Responsible person: Zhang Fuhua)

X. Strengthening publicity to expand external influence

29、Develop external publicity plan

30、Construction of campus network.

(Responsible person: Zhang Fuhua)

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