Regulations on the Management of Travel Expenses Reimbursement of Weihai Institute of Technology

According to the relevant provisions of the higher level, the following provisions are made to further strengthen the College's travel expense reimbursement management related matters.

I. Strict approval system. Before going on a business trip, travelers should fill out the "Approval Sheet for Leave of Absence (Business Trip) of Weihai Institute of Technology" (hereinafter referred to as "Approval Sheet") in detail. College leaders shall be signed and approved by the president, college department heads shall be signed and approved by their respective leaders, and other staffs shall be signed and approved by their department heads and their respective leaders. All the above staffs must be signed and approved by the president when they travel outside the province. The Approval Form, together with the relevant notification documents, is used as the financial reimbursement voucher. Each department should also establish a sound business trip approval system and submit it to the relevant departmental leaders for approval in accordance with the regulations.

Second, inter-city transportation expenses. Inter-city transportation should be based on the "Rongcheng City party and government organs travel expenses management measures" in accordance with the corresponding level of transportation. See the following table for the level of transportation. Department heads of staff below the provincial business trip in principle can not take the plane, special circumstances must be approved by the main leadership.


Inter-city transportation fees, booking fees, approved occurrence of signed transfer or refunded tickets and transportation accident insurance fees, airport bus expenses, etc. are reimbursed according to the facts.

Third, accommodation costs. According to the "Rongcheng City party and government organs travel expense management measures", the standard room or single room within the standard limit of accommodation expenses: the standard of accommodation for business trips within the province is 360-590 yuan per room per day, and the standard of accommodation for business trips outside the province is 350-750 yuan per room per day.

Fourth, the travel subsidy. During the business trip in accordance with the number of natural (calendar) days issued meal allowance and city transportation subsidies, lump-sum use, not reimbursed for meals during the business trip and the city transportation costs of the destination city. Meal allowance of 100 yuan per person per day for business trips within the province, and 100-120 yuan per person per day for business trips outside the province according to the standard for the region of travel, lump-sum use. City transportation cost is 80 yuan per person per day, lump sum. Business trip in the unit's official car, not issued city transportation subsidies.

V. Settlement of business trip expenses. According to the "Rongcheng Municipal Budget Unit Interim Measures for Official Card Management" and the "Rongcheng Municipal Budget Unit Official Card Compulsory Consumption Catalog, airline tickets, accommodation expenses and other business trip expenses must be settled using the official card, and no cash may be used. The host unit to arrange meals or provide transportation, should pay the relevant fees to the host unit, and by the host unit to collect the person who issued a certificate of collection.

Sixth, reimbursement management. Travelers should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of travel expenses, travel expenses not in accordance with the provisions of the overspending part by the individual. After the end of the trip, business travelers should be timely reimbursement procedures, providing "approval sheet" and relevant notification documents, airline tickets, ship tickets, tickets, accommodation invoices and business card POS tickets and other documents, all original documents attached to the "travel expense reimbursement form" after the signature of the person in charge, the person in charge of finance review and sign, and then reported to the president for approval, before being reimbursed. Without accommodation invoices, no reimbursement of accommodation costs, and in principle, no reimbursement of other expenses.

Out to participate in meetings, training, organizing unit unified arrangements for food and accommodation, meetings, training period, no food allowance and city transportation subsidies, travel expenses to and from the meeting, training location reimbursement in accordance with the provisions.

Seven, for official business activities within Weihai City, travel management regulations apply, business travelers must fill out the "approval form", according to the provisions of the report.