Material Procurement Management System of Weihai Institute of Technology


In order to improve the efficiency of the use of college funds and better serve education and teaching, this system is formulated in accordance with relevant finance, procurement, auditing, regulations and policies.

I. Material procurement plan system

1. The procurement work of the college is under the leadership of the college and implemented by the General Affairs Office. Efforts to complete the College's material procurement tasks to ensure that the College's educational and teaching needs.

2. If you need to purchase materials, you should apply in advance, make a budget and submit it to the president for approval, and then execute it after the president signs.

3. Due to special circumstances (such as sudden damage to facilities, there is an urgent need to repair, etc.) must be timely procurement of materials to put forward emergency procurement plans.

4. Where the procurement of materials need to be approved by the head of the department, the competent leader review, the dean approval before implementation.

5. The person in charge of the General Affairs Office will organize relevant personnel to procure materials in strict accordance with the plan.

Second, the material procurement system

1. In principle, all kinds of materials are procured by the General Affairs Office, which must be registered in the warehouse before they can be issued.

2. The instruments and materials with strong professionalism should be requested to send professional personnel from the relevant departments at higher levels to carry out procurement in cooperation with the college.

3. The General Affairs Office must procure materials in strict accordance with the requirements of the approved plan.

4. The General Affairs Office shall strictly follow the procedures for the procurement of accounts.

III. Material procurement requirements

1. Before purchasing, the quality and price of suppliers should be evaluated comprehensively, and suppliers should be selected according to the requirements of the purchase list.

2. All purchases must be made by two or more people.

3. Establish a registration system for incoming and outgoing procurement items.

IV. Material procurement invoice requirements, all invoices must be formal bills.

1. Within 1000 yuan, you can pay in cash.

2. Purchase materials above 1000 yuan, the implementation of transfer payment.