Daily Code of Conduct for Students of Weihai Institute of Technology

    I. Abide by the law and study diligently
    1. Abide by the Constitution and laws, maintain social stability, and fight against undesirable behaviors.
    2. Abide by school rules and discipline, obey management, and maintain good teaching order.
    3. Clarify the purpose of study, correct the attitude of study, and adhere to the overall development of moral, intellectual and physical.
    4. Listen attentively in class, think positively about problems, and complete homework on time and independently.
    5. Study diligently and practice basic skills, and strive to master basic theoretical knowledge and professional operation skills.
    Respect for teachers and teachers and solidarity with students
    6. Respect teachers and staff, accept teaching and guidance.
    7. Be honest and trustworthy, and treat others with enthusiasm.
    8. Solidarity with classmates, mutual assistance, mutual understanding, and mutual concessions.
    9. Love the class and school, maintain the collective honor, and actively participate in collective activities.
    Love labor and civilized production 
    10. Love your major, abide by the professional ethics, correct the working attitude, and learn from the master with an open mind.
    11. Abide by labor discipline, strictly abide by the operating procedures, adhere to civilized production, and complete the tasks of production practice.
    12. Take care of equipment and tools, save energy and raw materials, and pay attention to economic efficiency.
    4. Abide by public morals and be thrifty and diligent
    13. Respect the personality, religious beliefs and national customs of others.
    14. Respect the old and love the young, and help people.
    15. Obey traffic rules, maintain public order, and care for public property.
    16. Save water, electricity and food, and not pursue material enjoyment.
    17. Respect the opinions and teachings of parents and report frequently to parents on their lives, studies and thoughts.
    V. Self-respect, self-love, and decent appearance
    18. Sit, stand, walk, read, and write with proper posture.
    19. Dress neatly, plainly and generously.
    20. Behave in a civilized and polite manner, with an amiable attitude and elegant conversation.
    21. Do not smoke, do not drink, do not fall in love at an early age.
    22. Do not gamble, do not fight, do not participate in feudal superstitious activities, do not pass on pornographic books and videos.
    23. Maintain the dignity and interests of the country and do not do anything to damage the national character and personality.

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