Departmental Responsibilities of Weihai Institute of Technology

Office responsibilities

The office is the party committee of the college, the administrative office of the comprehensive function of the department, its work function is to focus on the central work of the college, and actively play the role of the college leadership staff assistant, information hub, comprehensive coordination of departments, work supervision and implementation. Its main responsibilities are as follows.

I. Responsible for the management of daily administrative affairs of the College and coordination of the work of other departments of the College.

Second, responsible for organizing and arranging hospital-wide meetings, making records, and checking and supervising the implementation of meeting resolutions.

Third, responsible for the receipt and distribution of documents, circulation, filing, printing, confidentiality and other work.

Fourth, responsible for the coordination of external liaison, reception work arrangements.

V. Responsible for the management and use of the college seal and the president's seal, the issuance of letters of introduction and letters of attestation, and the engraving, activation and destruction of the seals of various departments.

Sixth, responsible for the management and maintenance of the whole college telephone, vehicle management and dispatching work.

Seven, responsible for the management of the archives and conference room.

Eight, responsible for leading cadres to inspect duty and double holidays, holiday duty arrangements.

Nine, is responsible for the subscription, receipt and distribution of various newspapers and magazines.

X. Responsible for the management and service of retired cadres, teachers and employees.

XI. Responsible for the annual audit of organization code, legal person certificate and vehicle certificate.

XII. Responsible for the statistics and reporting of information of leading cadres.

Thirteen, responsible for the processing of letters and visits and the mayor's open telephone and the reply to the problems of the people's heart network.

Fourteen, responsible for the arrangement of the leadership office and conference room, supplies to receive and preserve the use of health cleaning and other work.

Fifteen, the completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership of the hospital.

Responsibilities of the Party Committee Office

I. Responsible for party building work.

Responsible for organizing and arranging various meetings and major activities of the Party Committee, and writing minutes of meetings.

Third, responsible for publicity work.

IV. Responsible for the work of the United Front Work, group work and the work of the Armed Forces Department.

V. Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the college portal.

Sixth, responsible for the work of the big visit and the work of the village poverty alleviation.

Seven, responsible for the work of public affairs.

Eight, responsible for the work of the Party Committee text.

Nine, complete other tasks assigned by the College.

Trade union duties

First, the college trade union works under the leadership of the higher trade union and the college, and is responsible for implementing the resolutions of the college's trade union members' congress and the staff congress, and the decisions of the higher trade union, and presiding over the daily work of the trade union.

Second, organize the teaching staff to carry out the Party's line, policy and guidelines, and maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee ideologically and politically.

Third, the organization of staff around the college work center, combined with the actual teaching work, in accordance with the "Trade Union Law", "Trade Union Constitution" and other laws and regulations, independent trade union work, give full play to the party's role as a bridge and link to the masses.

Fourth, it is responsible for the organization, preparation, membership, election of delegates, collection and collation of proposals for the general assembly of the union members and the representative assembly of the faculty, and the preparation of the program and schedule of the general assembly. When the General Assembly is not in session, he/she undertakes the work of the General Assembly office according to the law, convenes the General Assembly or temporary delegates' meetings as scheduled, and participates in the discussion and democratic decision-making of major issues of the College. Organize delegations and special working committees, supervise and check the implementation of the resolutions and proposals of the General Assembly, represent and organize the staff to actively participate in the democratic management and supervision of the college, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the staff in accordance with the law.

V. Perform the six functions of the college union, including representation, maintenance, construction, participation, education and culture and sports, adhere to the guiding ideology of relying on the faculty to run the college, enhance the master status of the faculty, strengthen the master consciousness of the faculty, promote the master spirit of the faculty, and build a "four-strong" faculty.

Sixth, do a good job in the ideological and political work of the staff, insist on the "holiday" as the point, take the mass ideological and political work as the line, and actively do good and practical things for the staff.

7. To run the "Staff Club" and organize the staff to carry out cultural and sports activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health, voluntary, small and diversified, colorful and welcomed by the staff. The club is conducive to the development and innovation of the staff and the promotion of spiritual civilization.

Eight, do a good job in the welfare of the faculty and staff, assist in supervising the college administration to run the collective welfare of the faculty and staff, improve the conditions of school operation, improve the working conditions and living conditions of the faculty and staff. Strengthen the management of union welfare fees, and do a good job in visiting, visiting and providing relief and emergency work for faculty members with family difficulties, sick faculty members and faculty members who have had major accidents.

Do a good job for female staff, give full play to the role of female staff committee, educate and guide female staff "self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement", and effectively protect the special interests of female staff in political, economic, cultural, social and family aspects.

Ten, responsible for the approval of union funds and dues.

Duties of the Women's Committee

The Women's Committee of the College is a mass organization that carries out women's work under the leadership of the Party Committee of the College and the higher-level Women's Union.

I. Formulate the work plan of the Women's Committee of the College and organize its implementation according to the work plan of the higher-level Women's Federation and the resolutions of the College. Participate in the College's decision-making on major issues related to women and children.

2. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children in political, economic, cultural, social and family aspects and special interests, and to fight against all acts of discrimination, abuse, humiliation and persecution of women and children.

Third, to strengthen the ideological and political education of women, law-abiding education, professional ethics education, enhance self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement spirit, and improve the overall quality.

Fourth, unite and mobilize women to work hard to complete the tasks of their jobs and make positive contributions in the stability, development and reform of the College.

Fifth, strengthen ties, coordinate and promote the relevant parties to serve women and children, and actively do practical things, do a good job.

Sixth, to supervise the work of women and children's health care, family planning work.

Seven, in-depth investigation and research, timely reflect the views, suggestions and requirements of women, play the role of the Party's bridge and link to the masses.

Eight, complete other work assigned by the College and the higher-level Women's Federation.

Assessment and Evaluation Office Responsibilities

Work under the direct leadership of the college, responsible to the college and the faculty, and accept the supervision of the college and the faculty.

I. Research and develop assessment standards, assessment methods and rules, approved by the College for implementation.

二、Guide each department to conduct daily assessment of the personnel in this department and train the faculty and staff on the thousand-point assessment.

Three, direct the assessment and evaluation of individuals in each department of the College.

IV. Conduct statistical analysis of the assessment and evaluation results and provide feedback to each assessment department.

V. Submit the assessment statistical results to the college or relevant departments for use.

VI. Be responsible for the review and assessment and evaluation of work standards and workload of surprise work.

Seven, responsible for standardized assessment work.

VIII. Responsible for personnel work.

IX. Responsible for the evaluation and appointment of titles.

X. Responsible for post assessment work.

XI. Responsible for the transfer of wages, employees' insurance, employees' medical insurance and annual report of salary statistics.

XII. Complete other work tasks assigned by the school.


Admissions and Employment Office Responsibilities

A. Responsible for the preparation, implementation and reporting of the school-wide enrollment plan.

Two, responsible for the school enrollment brochure writing and enrollment publicity and other work, and constantly innovate the form, content and effective path of enrollment publicity.

Third, is responsible for close contact and regular communication with schools in the province and outside the source of students.

Four, to further strengthen external exchanges, to improve the joint school-enterprise school.

V. Responsible for drawing up the work plan of student career guidance and graduate employment, and making a good summary of enrollment and employment work. Organize and implement students' career guidance, entrepreneurship education and graduates' employment guidance, etc.

VI. Improve the employment information system and provide online information service for graduates.

VII. Be responsible for organizing activities such as supply and demand meeting and two-way selection between graduates and employers.

VIII. Be responsible for the summary, filing, archiving and file management of enrollment and employment documents and other clerical work.

IX. Complete other work assigned by the school.

General Affairs Department Responsibilities

Under the leadership of the college, the General Affairs Office, in accordance with the educational policy and the principle of running a school diligently and frugally, assists the dean in charge of the college in managing the general affairs work, serving for teaching, serving for the life of teachers and students, leading and organizing the General Affairs Office staff to do the following work.

I. Establish the idea of serving education and teaching and serving teachers and students, and conscientiously implement the regulations of the higher administrative departments and the decisions of the college.

II. Develop and implement the work objectives and work plan of the department according to the work objectives and work plan of the college. Seriously summarize and report at the end of the semester. Strengthen the ideological and educational work of the logistics staff, care for the business further training and technical training of the logistics staff, and do the assessment work.

Third, to establish the college assets procurement, acceptance, receipt, receipt, loan, loss, scrapping, transfer and warehouse management system. Do a good job in the registration, distribution, management, addition, repair and maintenance of college assets.

4. Conscientiously implement the principle of running a school diligently and frugally, strict financial discipline, do a good job in financial work, prepare the budget of the college funds, submit the final report at the end of the year, strict financial procedures, manage the financial files, strict procurement system, regular audits, and be responsible for the collection and release of various funds according to the regulations.

V. Establish and improve the rules and regulations, and educate teachers and students on diligence, thrift and care of public property. Responsible for the management, repair and maintenance of college facilities.

Sixth, regular safety inspection of college facilities and facilities with electricity, water, gas, and take measures to prevent accidents.

VII. Complete other work assigned by the College.

Security Office Responsibilities

The Security Office is the functional department of the College's safety and security work, under the leadership of the College's Party Committee and administration, and under the guidance of the public security organs and national security organs to carry out their work. The main responsibilities are

A. Responsible for the implementation of the College and higher-level policies on safety and security work, to maintain the security and stability of the campus. Adhere to the principle of prevention-oriented, ensure the focus, security, relying on the masses to do a good job of security (fire prevention, anti-theft, drug prevention, prevention of security disasters).

Second, responsible for the development of a variety of safety work rules and regulations, the development of key and key parts of the security measures, often check the implementation to ensure safety.

Third, to improve the comprehensive management of security within the College, seriously implement the "who is in charge, who is responsible" principle, the implementation of the hospital-wide signing of a comprehensive management of social security, the second level of responsibility. Do a good job of security work, and urge all departments to actively engage in internal security management work.

Fourth, strengthen the "fire prevention, theft prevention, accident prevention, sabotage prevention" of the four security publicity and education to improve the general awareness of safety and self-rescue ability of teachers and students.

V. Responsible for the safety and fire prevention work of the whole college, strict fire prevention system, sound fire prevention organization, organize fire prevention inspection, put forward rectification opinions on fire hazards, and regularly organize training drills for the college's volunteer fire department.

Sixth, strengthen the supervision of the college security team, do a good job of guidance and inspection of the work of the security team, give full play to the role of the security team in maintaining law and order in the college.

Seven, on time to convene a variety of security work conference, do a good job of the preventive measures, grasp the internal security dynamics, research and analysis of new situations and new problems.

Eight, to assist the public security organs to investigate and deal with security cases, criminal cases and disaster accidents occurred on campus. Work with various departments to investigate and deal with disciplinary incidents in a timely manner. Do a good job of dealing with campus emergencies.

IX. To improve the management of household registration, temporary residents and outsiders, and to deal with letters and visits from the public security.

10、Actively complete other work assigned by the leadership and higher public security departments.

Moral Education Department Responsibilities

Research and explore the laws of student management and moral education, develop scientific moral education and management planning, and organize the implementation.

Two, responsible for the selection and recruitment of classroom teachers, daily management, business training and assessment work.

Three, implement the rules and regulations of student moral education management, student moral education assessment standards.

Fourth, the organization of a variety of moral education activities, adhere to the positive guidance education, moral education and management of students.

V. Responsible for new students to report to school, the organization of new students military training, admission education and management.

Sixth, grasp the daily education of students, teaching management and other related work.

Seven, responsible for the ideological education and daily management of teachers in the Ministry.

Eight, scientific validation of the list of teachers to start classes, verify the workload of teachers, the implementation of daily teaching management.

Nine, do a good job in the archiving of student education and management materials and teaching materials.

Ten, complete the other work assigned by the leadership.


Responsibilities of Academic Affairs Office

The Academic Affairs Office is a functional department responsible for the organization, coordination, assessment, evaluation and service of the teaching management of the whole college under the leadership of the dean and the vice president in charge of teaching. Its basic task is to establish a stable teaching order, ensure the normal operation of teaching work, organize teaching construction and teaching reform, improve the teaching management mechanism and achieve teaching goals. The specific work responsibilities are as follows.

I. Assist the college in researching and formulating the teaching work plan, and be responsible for reviewing the class opening plan and compiling the school calendar, etc.

2、Responsible for organizing all departments to formulate and supervise the implementation of the rules and regulations on teaching management.

3、Responsible for organizing and guiding the departments to formulate professional teaching plans, and organize and manage the teaching syllabus, course introduction and related teaching documents.

4、Responsible for drawing up regulations and notices of examinations, organizing mid-term and end-of-term examinations, all kinds of general examinations, competitions and skills appraisal work in the whole college, and managing students' academic achievement files.

V. Responsible for organizing the selection of quality courses in the whole college and carrying out the inspection and evaluation of teaching quality in the whole college.

VI. Organize the hospital-wide teaching inspection work such as teaching process and teaching order, and assist the departments to regularly check the implementation of teaching plans and syllabus and the completion of lesson plans, teaching documents and examinations.

VII. Responsible for booking, reviewing, purchasing and supplying various teaching materials used by teachers and students in the whole college.

VIII. Responsible for organizing the project management of teaching reform, professional construction, curriculum construction, textbook construction and teaching information construction of the whole college.

Nine, responsible for organizing the evaluation of teaching research achievements and various teaching awards, organizing and assisting the department to carry out various teaching competitions.

Eleven, do a good job in test bank management system, teaching management platform, integrated teaching resource platform construction, management and use.

Eleven, responsible for the organization, classification, storage and transfer of the archives of the Academic Affairs Office.

Twelve, complete the other work given by the college.

Responsibilities of the Department of Practical Training

I. Responsible for the formulation, organization and implementation of the medium and long-term development plan of internship teaching in the college.

Second, responsible for the preparation, organization and implementation of the semester internship teaching plan, teaching evaluation.

Third, the planning, demonstration, procurement, use and management, maintenance and scrap management of teaching instruments and equipment.

Fourth, the organization and implementation of the school's professional skills identification examinations.

V. Assist the departments in establishing off-campus internship bases, organize the inspection of internship work, and establish the files of off-campus internship bases.

VI. Organize and implement the training and appraisal work of the preparatory technician class for college students.

VII. Complete other work arranged by the college.

Responsibilities of Social Training Center

I. According to the training plan of the college, do a good job in organizing and implementing the training of "Golden Blue Collar" (senior worker, technician and senior technician) and the entrepreneurship training for fresh graduates of the college.

Second, according to the requirements of various types of training to develop a detailed training job (professional) syllabus, training plans, teaching when, and according to the training plan to organize the implementation.

Third, responsible for coordinating the training unit teaching time and location, employing training teachers, implementing all aspects of training, and following the management of the class according to the requirements.

Fourth, responsible for collecting and summarizing various paper information of training students and filing them according to the requirements, and do a good job of class application and file management.

V. Responsible for training enterprises and training personnel of the electronic information collation, review and reporting work.

Sixth, do a good job in the identification and assessment of training, is responsible for the identification of various types of qualifications after the collection, copying and archiving and distribution of work.

Seven, responsible for all types of training after the end of the information system entry and follow-up training subsidy application work.

Eight, responsible for communication and coordination with the higher business authorities, with the higher authorities of social training work inspection.

IX. Complete other work tasks assigned by the university.

Student Affairs Division Responsibilities

I. Research and explore the laws of student management and moral education, develop scientific educational management planning, and organize the implementation.

II. Assist the department in the construction and management of the classroom teacher team and establish and improve the evaluation mechanism of classroom teacher work; assist the department in the selection and recruitment, daily management, business training and assessment of classroom teachers.

Third, according to the college education and teaching development plan and guiding ideology, develop student education and management rules and regulations, and organize the department to implement and enforce them; develop student moral education assessment standards, and assist the department to organize assessment and evaluation.

Fourth, organize the department to carry out a variety of targeted moral education activities, adhere to the positive guidance education, timely recognition of good people among students; assist the department to do a good job in the education of students who violate school rules and school discipline transformation work, mediation to deal with student disputes; determine the treatment of serious discipline students, the preliminary views of disciplinary action, and reported to the College for approval.

V. Responsible for new students' enrollment, school registration system management, student file management; do a good job in the maintenance of statistical reports and databases related to school registration.

VI. Responsible for organizing military training for new students, entrance education and work related to graduates leaving school.

Seven, responsible for the management and transfer of student records, responsible for the processing and issuance of student cards, graduation certificates and qualification certificates.

VIII. Responsible for receiving and handling letters and visits about students and assisting the department to deal with various problems about students.

Nine, responsible for the construction, training and management of the student union team, guide the student union, student clubs to carry out various tasks.

Ten, the implementation of the league committee work responsibilities, the overall development of the league committee work plan and organize the implementation. Organize the general branch of the department to manage the membership files, collect the membership fee on time, carry out the membership recruitment and cadre training in a planned manner, and select and commend the outstanding members and advanced branches of the league.

Eleven, responsible for doing a good job of student financial aid work, do a good job of financial aid publicity, reporting, management and distribution of funds.

Twelve, do a good job involving the student insurance coverage and other aspects of the work involving related student fees.

Thirteen, grasp the campus culture construction. Regularly organize departmental cultural performances, speeches, recitations, songs and other educational activities for students.

XIV. Jointly with relevant departments to do a good job in the school newspaper, blackboard, bulletin board, campus radio and other publicity work.

Fifteen, complete other work assigned by the leadership.

Duties of the Youth League Committee

I. To obey and serve the general task and goal of the Party, to cultivate senior professionals with innovative spirit and practical ability as the work target, according to the central work of the higher league committee and the college, to formulate the annual work plan of the league; timely request and report to the higher league organization and the party committee of the college; around the characteristics of youth and the central task of the Party, actively carry out the activities of the league and give full play to the role of the assistant of the Party.

Second, organize and carry out the ideological and political work for the members and youth of the whole college, and cultivate students who love the Party and the country, have dreams, obey the law, and are socialist citizens with good moral quality and civilized habits.

Third, adhere to the correct working principles and organizational system, regularly convene the league members' representative assembly, explore and create new ways and methods of the college's youth league work.

IV. Hold the working meeting of the league committee, convey the instructions of the party committee of the college and higher party and league organizations in time, and arrange the work of the league according to local conditions.

V. Grasp the organization construction of the league, actively carry out the construction month and theme education activities of the league branch, educate the league members on the "league constitution", improve the democratic life meeting system of the league, carry out criticism and self-criticism, develop new league members, do a good job of registration and statistics of league members, timely collection of league fees, handle the procedures of leaving the league for over-aged league members and the transfer of organizational relations of league members and the registration of league membership cards, and be responsible for the league members who violate league discipline and youth Education and punishment for youths who violate league discipline.

Sixth, strengthen the assessment of the grass-roots league organizations of the department (division), pay attention to the discovery and promotion of the typical, and do a good job in the evaluation of excellence.

Do a good job in the management and use of league fees.

Eight, in-depth research among the youth league members, to understand the thoughts, studies and life of the youth league members, concern for the interests of youth league members, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of young people, through the correct channels to reflect the views and suggestions of students, to further improve the work and solve problems.

IX. Actively meet the legitimate requirements of students in many aspects, care about promoting students' overall success, carry out healthy and civilized, colorful second-class activities, and promote students' overall development.

X. Widely organize social practice activities, guide students to take the right path to success, deepen their understanding and awareness of national conditions and reforms through social practice, and establish a correct outlook on life and values.

The training, management and assessment of full-time cadres and student cadres are done.

12、Cooperate with other departments of the college to complete other work of campus management and student education management.

Complete other work assigned by the Party Committee and the higher-level league committee.

Duties of the supervisor's office

I. In accordance with the requirements of the teaching plan, carry out supervisory inspection and supervisory evaluation of the department's implementation of the teaching plan, the implementation of education laws and regulations, and the overall implementation of quality education. Strictly implement the teaching plan, follow the teaching law and ensure the quality of teaching.

Second, supervise the department to organize regular teaching observation and teaching seminars to continuously enhance the effect of classroom teaching. Carry out supervisory inspection and supervisory evaluation on the implementation of education laws and regulations and the implementation of quality education work by teachers in charge of classes. Take the moral education system project as the grasp, and focus on strengthening the supervision and inspection of moral education teachers in charge of classes.

Third, according to the work responsibilities, go deep into the departments, classes and other grassroots front line, listen to the class patrol, supervise the teaching management, and provide timely feedback to the supervisory information to the leaders in charge. Make full use of the digital campus equipment to supervise teachers to give good lessons and grasp moral education, especially the supervision of political science classes.

Fourth, organize and implement the application of teachers' micro-courses, integration, etc. in teaching practice, improve teaching methods, the art of teaching, and improve the level of education and teaching.

Fifth, in accordance with the requirements of the moral education system project, around the moral education work of classroom teachers and moral education class teaching, to carry out special research work, to grasp first-hand materials, to provide information services for teaching work.

Sixth, to carry out educational management supervision and assessment of teaching management research work. Supervise teaching departments to carry out regular teaching research and teaching reform activities.

VII. Carry out monitoring and analysis of education quality of departmental classes. Supervise activities such as examination analysis and test question evaluation to explore the laws of education and improve the quality of teaching.

VIII. Strengthen teacher training to meet teaching management needs. Provide immediate supervisory information for college education decision making. Report the results of educational supervision to the divisional leader, inform the department of the supervision of teaching management, and put forward opinions and suggestions on teacher education, teaching, teaching and research training.

IX. Do a good job in enrollment and complete enrollment tasks.

X. Complete other work tasks arranged by the Party Committee of the university and the supervisory leader.