Annual Report on Information Disclosure Work of Weihai Institute of Technology for 2017-2018

This report is prepared in accordance with the Implementation Measures of Information Disclosure of Weihai Institute of Technology. This report consists of three parts: overview, active disclosure of information, problems and improvement measures.

I. Overview

The information disclosure work of Weihai Institute of Technology is an important measure to implement the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Government Information Disclosure, and an important work to improve the transparency of school work, strengthen democratic management and promote the governance of school according to law. 2017-2018, the College has made new breakthroughs in information disclosure channels and has made significant progress in information disclosure work. It mainly includes the following aspects.

1. increasing the ways of information disclosure, the College has established a public WeChat number and a WeChat work group of the Party Committee team, which provides a convenient way for the work of the leadership team and improves the efficiency. The establishment of the middle-level responsible person work group and the college life work group has built a more rapid platform for public information.

2. Improve the system construction and sound various systems by issuing party committee documents and college documents.

Second, the active disclosure of information

1. Active public information content.

Information about the basic situation of the school. Including the school name, location, nature, purpose, level, scale, internal management system, institutional settings and other basic information. College party construction work; college annual work summary; college rules and regulations; enrollment information; student grants, tuition fee waivers; enrollment information; personnel appointment and dismissal information, title evaluation; standardized construction; professional construction; annual financial income and expenditure and other financial information.

2. Ways and means of active disclosure of information.

Mainly using the college website, WeChat, QQ and other Internet forms; and other forms; while using publicity windows, bulletin boards, various types of statistical reports and other paper materials; meetings; documents; announcements, notices, minutes; public notices and other forms of public information.

Third, the main problems and improvement measures

The main problems in the implementation of information disclosure are: the procedures of information disclosure need to be further improved.

Improvement measures: 1.

1. improve the system construction, continue to improve the information disclosure system, in accordance with the standardization requirements of the construction of clear information disclosure matters, the development of information disclosure standards, standardize information disclosure procedures.

2. Establish information disclosure assessment methods, incorporate information work into the standardized assessment system, and further promote the construction of information disclosure work.

3.Establish a long-term mechanism for information disclosure. Improve the construction of the information disclosure column of the college and the directory of information disclosure, make full use of information technology, enrich the form of information disclosure, and explore the long-term mechanism of information disclosure.

Information Disclosure Office of Weihai Institute of Technology

October 2018


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