2018 Weihai Institute of Technology Open Recruitment of Highly Skilled Talents Chapter (from Rongcheng City People's Government Portal)

In order to further strengthen the staff building of the institutions in Rongcheng, optimize the staff structure and improve the level of public services, according to the vacancy situation of the establishment positions of institutions and work needs, in accordance with the Regulations on Personnel Management of Institutions (Order of the State Council No. 652), Interim Provisions on Open Recruitment of Personnel in Institutions (Order of the Ministry of Personnel No. 6), the Regulations on Open Recruitment of Institutions in Shandong Province ( Lu People's Social Development [2015] No. 6), Opinions on Strengthening the Work of Highly Skilled Talents to Boost Industrial Transformation and Upgrading (Lu People's Social Development [2016] No. 22), Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of Highly Skilled Talents (Wei People's Social Development [2016] No. 39) and other relevant provisions, Weihai Institute of Technology is openly recruiting some highly skilled talents for the society. The relevant matters are announced as follows.

I. Recruitment scope and conditions

(A) Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China.

(II) abide by the Constitution and laws of the People's Republic of China.

(C) have good moral character and physical conditions to adapt to the position.

(D) have the required qualifications, professional skills and other conditions for the recruitment position.

(E) the age requirement for the post: below 35 years old means born after November 12, 1982.

(F) have the other qualifications required for the recruitment positions, see the 2018 Weihai Institute of Technology open recruitment of highly skilled personnel position plan (Annex 1, hereinafter referred to as the "position plan").

Second, the recruitment method This recruitment is conducted in the form of on-site registration, qualification examination and interview. Specific requirements.

(A) on-site registration candidates log on to the Rongcheng City People's Government portal public column - public units - municipal government departments - Human Resources and Social Security Bureau - directory content - business work to download the "2018 Weihai Institute of Technology open recruitment of highly skilled personnel registration form" (Annex 2, hereinafter referred to as the "registration form"), fill in the relevant information truthfully against the conditions specified in the recruitment post, holding my autographed "Application Registration Form" and three recent one-inch, same-backed, bareheaded color photos, and register at the Talent Market on the 3rd floor of Rongcheng Human Resources Social Security Service Center (No. 178, West Fu Road) from November 12 to 14.

(B) the qualification examination of the candidates will be throughout the recruitment process. Candidates must submit relevant personal documents in accordance with the conditions of the position applied for when applying.

Mainly including: valid second generation ID card, nationally recognized academic (degree) certificate, vocational skills competition award certificate and vocational qualification certificate required by the job application (all must be obtained before November 2018). Those who are employed should submit a letter of consent from the unit (department) with personnel management authority (Annex 3), and primary and secondary school teachers should add the official seal of the local education administration department in the remarks column of the letter of consent. In addition to the materials stipulated in the Recruitment Brief, the applicants from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and returned overseas students shall also produce the relevant documents certifying their academic degrees from the national education department.

All the above materials must be provided in original and one copy. Candidates who do not submit the relevant materials within the specified time shall be regarded as abandoning their right. Those who are not qualified to apply after examination will be disqualified from applying.

Those who have received criminal punishment and have been dismissed from public office, those who have been found to have serious disciplinary violations in the civil service recruitment and public recruitment of institutions and are not allowed to apply for the job; candidates of Rongcheng nationality with credit rating of C or below in the credit management system of Rongcheng City cannot apply for the job; full-time students of ordinary colleges and universities (including senior workers and preparatory technicians) cannot apply for the job, nor can they use the obtained academic Degree as a condition to apply for the job; active military personnel and other situations that are not allowed to be employed under the law shall not apply for the job. Candidates cannot apply for positions with their relatives who should be recused.

After the end of the application, the final number of applicants is determined to be less than three times the number of planned hiring, in principle, the proportion of 1:3 corresponding to the reduction of the hiring plan. If the number of applicants does not reach the prescribed ratio, the opening ratio may be appropriately reduced after approval by the competent authority for open recruitment of municipal institutions.

(C) interview

Interviews are conducted in the form of professional tests. Interview time, interview location to be announced. Interview examination fee of 70 yuan per person, paid when receiving the interview notice.

After the interview, use the percentage system to calculate the candidate's test scores. Calculated to two decimal places, the last rounded. According to the candidates interview results, from high to low score by 1:1.5 ratio, to determine the scope of the inspection candidates. Did not reach the required proportion, the interview scores of candidates entering the scope of inspection shall not be less than 70 points of the interview passing score line. Candidates interview results and enter the scope of inspection, physical examination range of personnel list will be announced.

Third, the inspection physical examination

Recruiting units and their competent departments set up inspection work group, specifically responsible for entering the inspection range of candidates for inspection. Examination according to the requirements of the post conditions can take a variety of ways, focusing on ideological and political performance, moral character and business ability and work performance, and whether the candidate meets the required qualifications for the post, provide relevant information, materials are true and accurate, etc. review, and write a written opinion on the inspection.

Examination of qualified personnel, according to the number of recruits 1:1 ratio to determine the scope of the physical examination candidates. Medical examination standards and related requirements with reference to the implementation of the general standards of medical examination for civil service recruitment, the state provides otherwise from its provisions. Candidates in the physical examination process intentionally conceal the disease or medical history that affects the employment, will not be employed; in the physical examination process there is collusion physical examination staff cheating or ask others to replace the physical examination and exchange, replacement of laboratory samples and other cheating behavior, the results of the physical examination is invalid, cancel the qualifications, is a candidate of Rongcheng will be reported to the city credit management platform, recorded in the personal credit file.

Except for special circumstances agreed by the competent authorities of the public recruitment of institutions in Rongcheng City, candidates who do not participate in the physical examination at the prescribed time and place are considered to have automatically abandoned. For the required re-examination, shall not be conducted in the original medical examination hospital, re-examination can only be conducted once, the conclusion of the re-examination conclusions shall prevail. Cancellation, abandonment of the inspection (physical examination) qualifications or inspection (physical examination) caused by unqualified vacancies, can enter the same position from the inspection of qualified personnel in equal succession.

Fourth, the public announcement of employment

The examination, inspection, medical examination of the proposed employment of qualified personnel, by the Rongcheng City public institutions in charge of recruitment unified public announcement, the public period of 7 working days. The list of persons to be employed after the public announcement will no longer be recruited. Public display period is completed without objection, the recruitment unit by the employment advice, for the relevant procedures. The hired personnel will be subject to a probationary period in accordance with the regulations, and those who are qualified will be formally employed, while those who are not qualified will be released from the employment contract. The employment contract between Weihai Institute of Technology and the employed personnel shall be signed in accordance with the regulations, and the contract period shall be no less than 3 years in general, and once the contract is signed, both parties shall strictly fulfill it.

V. Other This examination does not specify the counseling book, not authorized or commissioned any institution to hold examination counseling training courses.

Information release website: Rongcheng City People's Government Portal (http://www.rongcheng.gov.cn/)

Please pay attention to the latest information released in a timely manner. Candidates who miss the recruitment information due to their own reasons and affect the examination and employment are responsible for their own.

Contact number of the competent authority for public recruitment of career units: Rongcheng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau 0631-7560274

Annex: 1. Annex 1: 2018 Weihai Institute of Technology open recruitment of highly skilled personnel position plan

2.Annex 2: Registration form for recruitment of highly skilled talents in Weihai Institute of Technology in 2018

3.Annex 3: Letter of consent to apply from your unit (10.24)        


Rongcheng City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau  

October 24, 2018 

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