Rongcheng City Fireworks Ban Management Implementation Plan

Rongcheng City fireworks ban management implementation plan

Rongcheng City Fireworks Ban Management Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "the ban") will come into force on January 1, 2019. In order to conscientiously implement the "ban on fireworks", to ensure that the ban on the discharge of fireworks to the implementation of the work, the development of this implementation plan.

I. General requirements

In accordance with the district town (street) local management, departmental division of labor is responsible for the principle of social co-management, the establishment of a linkage mechanism to promote the publicity in place, leadership in place, responsibility in place, measures in place "four in place" to do sales outlets someone to focus on, clues reported someone to investigate, key links someone to manage, the ban on the area someone patrol "four standards", to achieve the propaganda launch zero dead ends, the ban on the area zero sound, fire safety zero hidden dangers, public safety zero accidents "four zero goals.

Second, the key tasks

(A) strengthen the propaganda guide.

1. Strengthen the social publicity. Through television and newspapers, cell phone text messages, microblogging, micro-blogging, websites and other media, using banners, set up publicity points, electronic screens, such as the issuance of understanding paper and other forms, to increase publicity, and effectively improve the "ban on the provisions of" the social awareness, mass support. Radio and television stations, news centers to continue to increase the column and public service announcements, Unicom, mobile, telecommunications companies to cell phone users to release fireworks ban SMS, expand the social awareness. At all levels to mobilize cadres and workers, property service personnel, volunteers, etc. to participate in the ban on publicity work, the industry departments in charge of the industry characteristics, highlighting wedding ceremonies, business start-ups, construction topping and other key links, highlighting the business owners, construction leaders, fireworks retail owners and other key groups, to carry out targeted publicity guidance. The cadres and workers of institutions should play an exemplary role, take the lead in promoting the "ban" and take the lead in implementing the ban measures.

2. to carry out centralized unified propaganda. On the basis of the usual normal publicity, respectively, on New Year's Day, the Lunar New Year, the Lantern Festival, the Festival of the God of Fortune and other important holidays a week before the departments, towns and streets to organize the launch of the "fireworks ban publicity week" activities, in-depth community, square, trade areas, bazaars and other crowded places, to take the stage, display boards, on-site answers The "ban on fireworks" requirements will be widely publicized in the form of display boards, display boards, live answers, distribution of publicity materials, etc. During the period, the news media to actively follow up, live coverage, in-depth publicity ban on fireworks is important to create a strong atmosphere of national concern, attention, support for the work of fireworks ban.

(B) strengthen source control.

1. to carry out clean-up. Public security, safety supervision and other departments to collaborate and linkage, highlighting key nodes, key areas, the organization to carry out special cleanup and rectification operations, timely investigation and punishment of various types of illegal and illegal behavior. Marketplace, wholesale commodity markets, wedding companies, flower stores, individual businesses to carry out a dragnet inspection, according to the law to investigate and deal with illegal storage, sales of fireworks and firecrackers; trucks, vans, tricycles occupy the road mobile peddling, roadside stalls set up illegal sales of fireworks and firecrackers and other acts, according to the law to clean up and rectify; increase the market houses, rental houses, unused rooms and suburban combination of remote areas of the investigation efforts In accordance with the law, destroy private storage nests, seize illegal fireworks and firecrackers, and strictly prevent illegal fireworks from entering the market.

2. Strengthen transport control. The public security department should rely on public security checkpoints, security card points, combined with daily patrols, increase the inventory of suspicious vehicles entering the no release area. Traffic and transport departments to increase the inspection and control of transport vehicles in and out of the city's toll stations, with the public security departments to investigate the illegal transport of fireworks.

3. Strengthen business supervision. Security departments to ensure safety, unified planning, reasonable layout, total control, the principle of moderate competition, the scientific deployment of non-fireworks business units in the area, and according to national standards or industry standards, combined with retail outlets and their surrounding safety conditions to determine the storage limits of retail premises.

(C) strengthen regional control.

1. Strengthen the local management. Each district town (street), village (neighborhood) committee to fully grasp the deployment and implementation of the task of control under the jurisdiction of the ban, the development of a thorough work plan, the implementation of grid control, the task of decomposition to people, the scope of control extended to each street, each community, each business store, each business unit, to ensure full coverage, no dead ends.

2. Strengthen social participation. Actively mobilize property service personnel, grid leaders (members), business owners, cadres and workers to participate in the ban on control work, to participate in the "ban on volunteers" activities. Establish and improve the reporting reward system, public security, safety supervision, comprehensive law enforcement departments to the community to announce the reporting phone, and timely acceptance, the proven reporting clues, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the whistleblower to give rewards, and effectively mobilize the masses to participate in the work of the prohibition of enthusiasm.

3. The implementation of three-level control measures. Lunar New Year, New Year's Eve, the first day of the first month, the fifth day of the first month, the Lantern Festival, the Festival of the God of Fortune all day to implement a ban on control measures, the district town (street), the village (community) mobilization, public security departments to arrange sufficient police force to participate in control actions, the implementation of fixed, fixed posts, regular inspections. During the Lunar New Year to Lantern Festival, in addition to the implementation of a ban on the date of control measures, other dates to implement the second ban on control measures, the district town (street), village (community) and public security departments in each community, square, commercial areas, the deployment of control personnel, timely advice to stop illegal combustion behavior. New Year's Day, February 2, the National Day and other festivals to implement three-level ban on control measures, the district town (street), village (community) and public security departments to increase the community, streets, squares and parks patrol efforts to find illegal combustion behavior to take the initiative to discourage. Public security organs to give full play to the role of video surveillance centers, video patrols, timely video surveillance found illegal fireworks behavior and to stop the investigation and punishment. Control work should adhere to the combination of sparing and blocking, not only to stop and investigate violations, but also to actively encourage the masses to take the initiative to turn in fireworks, consciously give up violations of the fireworks.

(D) increase law enforcement efforts.

1. Clear law enforcement responsibilities. Public security departments in accordance with the law to investigate and deal with illegal fireworks, fireworks transport behavior. Security departments in accordance with the law to investigate and deal with the unauthorized illegal production and sale of fireworks. Comprehensive law enforcement departments in accordance with the law to investigate and deal with violations of the fire caused by the destruction of environmental health behavior.

2. Strict law enforcement. Seized illegal sales, storage, transportation, fireworks and fireworks damage to environmental health, the law enforcement departments in accordance with the circumstances of the violation and the degree of harm, in accordance with the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" "fireworks safety regulations" "ban" in strict accordance with the law to deal with. For illegal combustion and disobedience, according to the law to investigate the evidence and give administrative punishment. Violation of public security management behavior, according to law to give public security management punishment. Typical cases of bad influence to be exposed.

3. Strengthen guidance and training. The law enforcement departments to carry out special law enforcement training, the organization of law enforcement officers to learn the relevant laws and regulations and policy provisions, so that law enforcement officers quickly master the law enforcement process, reduce law enforcement disputes, to ensure that law enforcement behavior is standardized and rigorous, fair and civilized.

III. Guarantee measures

(A) strengthen organizational leadership. The establishment of the city fireworks management leading group, the municipal government comrades in charge of the head, the city civilization office, league, women's federation, federation of industry and commerce, community office, public security, safety supervision, education, civil affairs, finance, urban construction, comprehensive law enforcement, traffic, culture, radio and television, business, market supervision, health, environmental protection, tourism, legal, meteorological and other departments as members, the overall responsibility for the city's fireworks ban on the work of organizational leadership The city's fireworks ban, supervision and inspection work. Office of the Leading Group is located in the Municipal Public Security Bureau, responsible for establishing communication, liaison and coordination mechanisms to coordinate the city's fireworks ban and other day-to-day work. The member units and the district town (street) are in accordance with the overall program requirements, the development of the department or the region specific work program.

(B) strengthen collaboration. Public security departments to increase police input, strengthen street patrols. Safety supervision department to grasp the fireworks sales outlets within the ban area cleanup and rectification, and strengthen the supervision of fireworks production safety. Comprehensive law enforcement departments to actively cooperate with the relevant departments in the daily urban management to investigate violations of the law; to coordinate the use of electronic screen merchants to increase the ban publicity. Traffic departments should actively coordinate with relevant units in public transport, traffic stations to put a ban on public service announcements, increase the inspection and control of transport vehicles, with the investigation and punishment of illegal transport of fireworks. Environmental protection, meteorological departments to issue timely warnings of heavy polluted weather. Legal department to give guidance to the relevant departments of law enforcement. Finance department to do a good job of financial security. Civilization Office to ban the work of civilization into the construction of content, guidance and coordination of civilization committee members to carry out a wide range of fireworks ban publicity work. Youth League, Women's Federation to actively organize and mobilize volunteers to do a good job of prohibiting the release of publicity, violation of persuasion and other work. The community office should quickly send to assist the communities to do a good job of household publicity. Education department to grasp the publicity and education of students, and through the form of a letter to parents to increase publicity. The civil affairs department should promptly inform the newlyweds for the marriage certificate consciously comply with the ban. City construction, culture, radio and television, business, market supervision, health and planning, tourism, women's federation, federation of industry and commerce and other departments and the district town (street) to do a good job in their respective areas and jurisdictions to promote the launch of the work to form a working force.

(C) strengthen supervision and inspection. Establish a long-term inspection and supervision mechanism, around the Spring Festival and other important nodes to carry out supervision and inspection, and actively promote the effective implementation of the ban measures. late November, the city will form a special supervisory group, the district town (street) and the relevant departments of the ban on publicity work for field supervision, inspection and notification. To increase accountability, to promote the work is not effective, the implementation of measures are not in place units, according to law and regulations to pursue the responsibility of the relevant personnel.

(D) strengthen tracking and scheduling. The leading group members and relevant district town (street) to the leading group office before the 25th of each month and important nodes to report the relevant work carried out (e-mail:, and timely summary, report typical cases of fireworks violations. The office of the leading group should pay attention to sum up the work of good experience, good practices, do a good job of publicity and promotion, the situation reported to the municipal government in a timely manner.