Weihai Institute of Technology 2020 enrollment prospectus

Technician colleges were opened under the state's emphasis on modern vocational education, especially in the context of the growing shortage of highly skilled personnel. It is a part of higher vocational education and a training base for technicians and senior technicians. In the context of realizing high-quality economic development, technical colleges, which aim at cultivating national craftsmen, have attracted much attention. Weihai Institute of Technology is a solid platform for every student to realize a colorful life and fly their career dreams.

Weihai Institute of Technology has been transformed into "Provincial Key Technical School", "National Key Technical School", "Senior Technical School", "Technical College "It has been awarded the honorary title of "National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education" by seven ministries and commissions of the State Ministry of Education. Two majors have been awarded the key majors of Shandong Province, one professional group has been identified as the provincial model professional group, three majors have been awarded the title of provincial model training base, five majors have been awarded the title of Weihai model majors and four majors have been awarded the title of Weihai model training base. It is one of the first pilot colleges in Shandong Province for higher vocational specialties, new apprenticeship system and undergraduate preparatory technician training.

In recent years, the college insists on the philosophy of "quality for survival and status", implements the standardization construction and moral education system project, aims at the frontier of industrial development, strives to improve the level of connotation construction, and constantly creates new advantages for the construction and development of the college. 2018, invested 100 million yuan to build Weihai intelligent manufacturing training base, and introduced German "dual system" training base. In 2019, it will be evaluated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as a "national training base for highly skilled personnel". In 2019, it will be evaluated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as a "national training base for highly skilled personnel".

In 2014, approved by the Department of Education of Shandong Province and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Shandong Province, Weihai Institute of Technology became one of the first eight colleges in Shandong Province to be founded as a senior professional technician college, and Weihai Vocational College has implemented the "dual certificate of technician qualification and senior professional diploma". After three years of study in the College, students can obtain the qualification of technician in Weihai Technician College and the full-time senior professional diploma in Weihai Vocational College.

Scarce talent resources, shortcut to quick success. At present, China's vocational skills are divided into five levels: junior worker, intermediate worker, senior worker, technician and senior technician. After the employment of junior workers, it takes 10 years at the earliest to obtain senior vocational qualification and 12 years to obtain technician qualification in enterprises. The students of our senior class graduate as senior preparatory technician, which saves more than 10 years of struggle than junior workers. According to the statistics of human resources and social security department, senior workers are one in a hundred and technicians are one in a thousand, which are the scarce technical talents resources that enterprises compete for. Our college has a vocational skills appraisal institute, which is the only local college that can appraise technicians and senior workers. Students can obtain the national vocational qualification certificate of senior technician and preparatory technician during their study.

Implementing moral education system project to change students' life. The college insists on the school philosophy of "being a person before doing anything" and constructs a moral education system project comprehensively. We are committed to cultivating students' good morality, civilized behavior and healthy psychology, focusing on exploring students' potential advantages and establishing positive spirit, so that students can grow up with confidence, health and happiness. We can solemnly promise the parents of students that the moral education system project will completely change your child and create a high quality technical personnel full of positive energy.

Strong faculty and first-class teaching facilities. The college is located near the sea with pleasant scenery, covering an area of 750 acres, with a construction area of 110,000 square meters and fixed assets of 150 million yuan. It has various kinds of high-standard libraries, multimedia classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, voice rooms, internship workshops, etc. In 2018, the college recruited 5 skill masters among the winners of national skill competitions to strengthen the construction of practical training faculty.

Scientific mode of schooling, broad employment prospects. The college takes market demand as the guide, takes the position as the orientation, and pays attention to the comprehensive ability training of students. We insist on the "school-enterprise binary" training mode, guide the "enterprise culture" into the campus at an early stage, and implement "order" training. The college has jointly run schools with famous enterprises such as Beiyang Electric, Weihai Guangtai, Samsung Heavy Industry, Huadong NC, Huali Electric, Huanghai Shipbuilding, and Jiajiayue, etc., to implement orientation training. At present, many graduates of the college have become the backbone of business and technical experts of enterprises, and the supply of various graduates exceeds the demand.

Develop cutting-edge professions and forge advantages in talent cultivation. Taking the construction of Weihai intelligent manufacturing training base as an opportunity, the professional development of machinery and equipment industry is positioned as intelligent manufacturing, the Department of Intelligent Manufacturing is established, the Institute of Intelligent Equipment is created, German dual training in mechatronics is introduced, industrial robotics, CNC technology, intelligent catering and other specialties are opened, and international vocational qualification certification system is introduced to train intelligent manufacturing technical talents with international standards.

Brief introduction of the profession
CNC machining major (CNC milling direction)
---Higher vocational specialist, preparatory technician
    CNC machining specialty (CNC milling direction) is the traditional advantageous specialty of our college, along with the creation of national high-skilled personnel training base construction, the formation of the formation of intelligent manufacturing-centered CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC machining center and other professional group construction, where the CNC specialty is the national high-skilled personnel training base key construction projects. The major training can be engaged in machine tool operation, CNC machining process programming and CNC equipment debugging, maintenance and other positions of senior applied skills. The main courses are: parts mapping and mechanical CAD, CNC machining process and programming, CNC machining automatic programming technology, programmable control technology applications, CNC machine tool installation and commissioning, etc. Employment direction: The major focuses on training foreman technical engineers for enterprises, and graduates are mainly employed by Weigao Group, Haomai Group, Geer, Beiyang Technology, etc.
Automotive Maintenance Major
---High-level specialist, preparatory technician
    With the dramatic increase in the production and ownership of automobiles in China, the market is in urgent need of a large number of professional and highly qualified assembly, inspection and maintenance personnel, and the annual demand for talents nationwide is more than 300,000. This major cultivates senior applied skilled personnel who have the ability to independently carry out automobile inspection and maintenance, to draw and read automobile parts diagrams, to have the knowledge of processing, assembly and debugging of automobile assemblies and parts and the ability to engage in automobile assembly, debugging and machining, and to engage in modern automobile management, sales and after-sales service, insurance and claims, automobile leasing and other work with innovative spirit. The program introduces German dual training model, in which enterprises and schools jointly undertake the task of training talents, organize teaching and job training according to the requirements of enterprises for talents, and enhance the employment experience of students. The main courses are: automobile inspection and maintenance, mechanical drawing, automobile chassis, automobile engine, automobile maintenance and repair, etc. Employment direction is: students will have double certificates in hand upon graduation - full-time specialist graduation certificate and preparatory technician grade certificate for auto mechanics, and graduates will mainly work for Ping An Insurance Company, Geely Holding Jinan Company, Yantai Dongyue Automobile, etc.
Major in Mechatronics Technology (Preparatory Technician)
--- Pilot program of cooperation in training preparatory technicians among undergraduates
    The electromechanical integration technology major of Weihai Institute of Technology and the electromechanical major of Rongcheng College of Harbin Institute of Technology give full play to the unique advantages of the two schools sharing the same campus, and implement the first cooperative training mode of cultivating preparatory technicians among undergraduates in Shandong Province according to the educational concept of joint development of undergraduate education and high-skilled personnel training. The major mainly cultivates comprehensive application professionals with high knowledge and skills, who can engage in mechanical CAD design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and after-sales service of mechanical and electrical equipment such as mechatronics and intelligent manufacturing. Based on the content of the undergraduate education, the major strengthens students' foreign language level, improves mechanical CAD design level and ability, enhances mechatronics technology operation skills, and prepares them for the world skills competition.
Mechatronics Technology Major (Senior Worker)
--German Dual System Cooperation Cultivation Pilot Major
    Weihai Institute of Technology cooperates with Rheincoast and AHK Shanghai Representative Office to establish the "Sino-German Excellent Technician Class" and open the Mechatronics Technology Major, which mainly cultivates complex senior technical talents for future industrial sites. The program is based on Germany's advanced dual system education and training concept, guided by the internationally recognized three-dimensional comprehensive vocational competency model, implementing German standards, adopting German curriculum, realizing small class teaching, and issuing the internationally certified AHK authoritative certificate. German vocational training management methods are introduced, and German standard Industry 4.0 practical training systems and equipment are adopted. The main courses are: mechanical subsystem production and assembly, electrical system installation and commissioning, inverter application and maintenance, servo control system application, CNC programming and operation, mechatronics project practice, industrial robot workstation system integration, intelligent production line commissioning and maintenance, etc. The employment direction is: after graduation, priority is recommended for employment in professional and technical positions in high-quality German-funded enterprises, such as installation and commissioning technician, system integration engineer, product development engineer, sales engineer and other high-paid sunshine employment positions. Excellent graduates from high school can be connected to Germany Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (3+2 talent training model) to obtain a German bachelor's degree recognized by the Ministry of Education.
CNC machining major (CNC turning direction intermediate worker, senior worker, preparatory technician)
---Key construction project of national high-skilled personnel training base, the
, Shandong Province model professional group project key construction specialty
    CNC turning specialty is the foundation specialty of "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0" of Germany. Weihai City Smart Manufacturing Training Base is equipped with domestic leading skills masters and German CNC equipment, which greatly improves the construction level of this specialty. The major is oriented to the machinery manufacturing industry, cultivating highly skilled talents with good humanistic quality, professional ethics, psychological quality, innovation spirit and team cooperation consciousness, and considerable theoretical knowledge of machinery. The main courses are: mechanical drawing, CNC machining technology, CNC programming and operation, CNC machine tool use and maintenance, CAD/CAM, CNC machine tool operation skills practical training, etc. The employment direction is: drafting design, machining, CNC machining, equipment maintenance, CNC programming, CNC machine tool maintenance, production management, etc. The major cooperates with many enterprises and teaching and research units, and the number of graduates exceeds the demand in the past years, and the job offers excellent treatment.
Automotive Maintenance Major (Intermediate, Senior, Preliminary Technician)
--- National Highly Skilled Person Training Base Key Construction Project, Weihai City Model Major
    This major mainly cultivates highly skilled personnel who can master the basic theory and latest technology of modern automobile structure, principle and performance, and can use advanced intelligent equipment for troubleshooting and testing of motor vehicles. In order to meet the development needs of modern automobile industry, the major draws on the international advanced training concept and introduces German dual system training mode to carry out teaching practice of new energy vehicles, automobile structure and principle, automobile electrical equipment, automobile testing equipment use, automobile troubleshooting, use of various automobile testing equipment and whole vehicle testing process. The main courses are: new energy vehicles, automotive intelligent technology, automotive chassis, automotive engine, automotive electrical equipment, automotive repair training, automotive marketing and other more than 20 courses. The employment direction is: auto repair, auto fast insurance, service consultant, parts management, auto beauty, auto insurance claims, auto sales, auto manufacturing and other auto industry related positions.
Mechatronics Technology Major (Intermediate Worker, Senior Worker, Preliminary Technician)
--German dual system training pilot major, the
Key construction specialty of Shandong Provincial Model Specialty Group Project of Technical Colleges and Universities
    Mechatronics technology is a composite technology that organically combines mechanical, electronic, computer and automatic control technologies, which is the direction of the development of intelligent and automatic industrial technology nowadays. The major adopts German dual training mode, and the dual-teacher teachers reach 90%. It mainly cultivates comprehensive application talents who are engaged in the installation, debugging, maintenance and after-sales service of electromechanical equipment such as mechatronics equipment and flexible manufacturing production, etc. and have strong professionalism. The main courses are: electronics technology, electrical drawing, variable frequency conversion technology, CNC programming, PLC, advanced electrician practical training operation, intermediate CNC practical training operation, pincer practical training operation and other courses. Employment direction is: engaged in electromechanical products installation, maintenance, debugging, design and transformation personnel, electromechanical technology director, production management, sales and after-sales service personnel, etc.

Industrial Robot Application and Maintenance Major (Intermediate Worker, Senior Worker)
--- National Highly Skilled Personnel Training Base Key Construction Project
    Industrial robot is an automation equipment integrating advanced technology of multiple disciplines such as machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensor and artificial intelligence, which represents the development direction of future intelligent equipment. Our intelligent manufacturing base has three basic laboratories, three workstations and an intelligent manufacturing production unit, and the teaching equipment is of leading level in China. This major mainly cultivates high-quality skilled talents who are oriented to industrial robot manufacturers, industrial robot system integrators and application enterprises, and can independently engage in the production operation management, operation and maintenance, programming and debugging, installation and maintenance of industrial robot equipment, mechatronics equipment and electrical automation equipment, and have good operation experience, innovation spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness. The main courses are: PLC and GOT technology, industrial robot application programming, robotstudio offline programming, industrial robot workstation installation and commissioning, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission technology, sensor technology application, etc. The employment direction is: system designer, editor, assembler, debugger, professional salesperson, after-sales technical service personnel, customer service personnel of industrial robots and mechatronics equipment, as well as working on electrical automation control, mechatronics equipment development, design and transformation.

Agricultural Machinery Use and Maintenance Major (Intermediate Worker, Senior Worker)
--- Enjoying national scholarship specialty
    Agricultural machinery use and maintenance specialty is a national key support agriculture-related specialties. Students can enjoy the national scholarship of 2,000 yuan per year for the first two years of enrollment. The program is based on the automotive repair program, with additional courses in agricultural machinery repair, welding and pincer, focusing on training students to master the knowledge and skills of the machinery maintenance industry. The main courses are: automotive chassis, automotive engines, automotive electrical equipment, automotive repair training and more than 20 courses. Employment direction: agricultural machinery maintenance enterprises, automobile maintenance enterprises, engaged in agricultural machinery, automobile maintenance, after-sales service and grass-roots management, engaged in agricultural machinery and automobile manufacturing enterprises, automobile 4S stores and automobile various after-sales service work, can be engaged in traffic management, detection and other work in the field of traffic management.
Graphic Design Major (Intermediate Worker, Senior Worker, Preparatory Technician)
--- College key construction specialty
    Graphic design is the most suitable profession for young people to give full play to their creativity. With the rapid development of computer and communication network technology, various industries need a large number of graphic layout and image processing, computer maintenance, network applications, technical personnel. This major mainly cultivates middle and senior design talents with the ability of advertising design, creativity and production, product packaging design, enterprise planning and advertising copywriting. The main courses are: advertising art, Photoshop, AI, animation design, network database, 3Dmax and other professional courses. Students are meritoriously compiled into the preparatory technician class after enrollment, and students with innovative thinking and unique design are focused as preparatory talents for the World Skills Competition. The professional talents work in excellent conditions and earn a good income. The employment direction is: advertising design and production enterprises, planning companies, publishing industry and other graphic design fields.
E-commerce specialty (intermediate worker, senior worker, preparatory technician)
---Weihai City Model Major
    With the widespread application of "Internet+", e-commerce will gradually replace traditional business, and it is expected that the world e-commerce transactions will maintain a growth rate of more than 40% in the future. This major is a new interdisciplinary discipline integrating computer, marketing and modern logistics. This major mainly cultivates senior computer operators and accountants who can skillfully use computer technology and accounting computerization and other modern information technology to engage in business activities. The main courses are: Internet marketing, e-commerce website construction and management, accounting computerization, flash animation, web design and production, etc. Students can combine the content of the professional courses and open online stores, micro-business and other popular projects as practical training content, and a number of service outsourcing companies jointly run the school, providing students with more convenient employment channels, excellent students can sign agreements with enterprises during the school, to complete enterprise orders, to achieve "school in enterprise, enterprise in school", to achieve "school in enterprise, enterprise in school". The income from work-study is very high. The employment direction is: senior computer operators and accountants for business activities, with great potential for employment development and excellent working conditions.
Integrated Rural Economic Management (Intermediate and Senior Worker)
--- Enjoying national scholarship
    The major of Integrated Rural Economic Management is a key agriculture-related major supported by the state, and students in the school enjoy a state grant of RMB 2,000 per year for the first two years. The major is to cultivate multi-functional application talents who can meet the needs of rural industrial restructuring and have the ability of enterprise administrative office; who can master the systematic knowledge of management science, economic science and administrative management, and have the basic methods and skills of management. The major has strong faculty, advanced computer rooms and simulation laboratory facilities. Core courses: computer application fundamentals, rural socio-economic statistics, rural legal fundamentals and regulations, computerized accounting, secretarial application writing and other courses. Employment direction: computer system operator, with excellent employment conditions and broad development prospects.
Early Childhood Education Major (Intermediate Work, Senior Work)
--- College Key Construction Major
    The major of early childhood education is a major supported by the state, with a broad employment prospect and superior working conditions. The major cultivates middle and senior skilled personnel with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and skilled professional skills of early childhood education, who are engaged in daily kindergarten care and auxiliary implementation of educational teaching activities. The main courses are: preschool education, preschool psychology, preschool health, kindergarten activity design and guidance, children's literature, kindergarten education courseware production, teacher speaking, art, handicraft, vocal music, piano method, dance, kindergarten environment creation, etc. The career direction is: teaching, research and management of early childhood education and design, production and marketing related to early childhood.
Railroad Passenger Service Major (Intermediate Work in the Direction of High-speed Railway Crew Service)
--- Order Training Major with Beijing Shangkun Education Group
    The 13th Five-Year Plan of China's railroad is to expand from four vertical and four horizontal to eight vertical and eight horizontal, and cities with more than 500,000 people will be connected to high-speed railways and trains. Our college and Beijing Shankun Education Group jointly open a railroad passenger service major (high-speed railway crew direction), three years of study (2 years of training in our school, 1 year of training in Beijing), enrollment is signed with students to protect employment agreement, so that students have a sunny, decent, high-paying jobs. Core main courses: speech and elocution, application writing, computer application basics, physical etiquette, introduction to high-speed rail, Chinese tourism geography, psychology of passenger transportation, professional image design, public relations theory and practice, high-speed rail passenger English and other professional courses such as basic courses and psychological education courses such as nurturing education, appreciation education, frustration education, gratitude education, self-management and professional communication. The employment direction is: train or high-speed train compartment attendant, Z/T/K train attendant, crew security officer, station ticket agent, security checker, passenger agent, ticket inspector, VIP receptionist, railroad customer service representative, station commercial service, restaurant and bar attendant and other 11 types of positions.
Aviation Service Major (Intermediate Work)
--- Order training specialty with Shanghai Aviation Training Institute
    The specialty of aviation service mainly cultivates to adapt to the needs of civil aviation modernization construction, cultivates with high ideological and political quality, moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and other comprehensive development, masters the basic theories and professional knowledge necessary for air crew service, has the basic skills of aviation service and strong practical operation ability, has high service consciousness, innovation consciousness and good professional ethics, has good physical fitness and healthy psychology, can engage in air service, ground service, and other technical skills. High-quality technical skills talents who can engage in air service and ground service. The main courses are: physical training, make-up (professional image design), Putonghua and broadcasting skills, civil aviation service etiquette and practice, civil aviation service English, introduction to civil aviation transportation, civil aviation airport safety and management, civil aviation passenger service psychology, civil aviation geography, civil aviation aircraft cabin equipment, civil aviation cabin safety and management, civil aviation cabin crew cabin service, etc. Employment direction: major domestic and international airlines, airports, etc.
Culinary and Nutrition Major (Chinese Cooking Direction)
(Intermediate Worker, Senior Worker, Preparatory Technician)
--- National Highly Skilled Personnel Training Base Key Construction Project, Weihai City Model Major
    Culinary and Nutrition Major (Chinese Cooking Direction) is a traditional major of our college and a key construction project of the National High-Skilled Personnel Training Base. This major mainly cultivates middle and senior level cooks and senior managers. The main courses are: cooking technology, catering nutrition and hygiene, knowledge of cooking ingredients, cooking cost accounting, cooking ingredients processing technology, cold plating and food carving, banquet design, Lu Cuisine, Chinese diet and health science, nutritional meal preparation, research and development of Lu Cuisine, new product development and innovative design and other courses. The major is organically combined with intelligent catering equipment research and development, operation and service to realize Chinese cuisine intelligence, network, standardization and internationalization, with broad development prospects. The employment direction is: star hotels and large catering enterprises at home and abroad.
Culinary and Nutrition Major (Chinese and Western Pastry Direction)
(Intermediate work, senior work)
--- Model specialty in Weihai City, Weihai City Model Practical Training Base
    The major of cooking and nutrition (Chinese and Western pastry direction) mainly cultivates highly skilled personnel and senior management personnel who are engaged in Chinese and Western pastry production, mastering the identification and application of Chinese and Western pastry ingredients, Chinese and Western pastry technology and production techniques. Main courses: pastry technology, western food technology, cooking raw material processing technology, cooking technology, Chinese and western-style pastry production technology, western decoration technology, cooking nutrition and hygiene, etc. The employment direction is: in large and medium-sized catering enterprises, baked food enterprises engaged in Chinese and Western-style pastry production technology, design and development and management. The major is committed to intelligent production and processing services, and has great potential for self-employment development.


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