Weihai Institute of Technology Spring Semester 2021 Notes for Teachers and Students Returning to School

Weihai Institute of Technology Spring Semester 2021

Notes on the Return to School for Students and Teachers

In order to do a good job of enrolling students and teachers in the spring of 2021, and to ensure that students and teachers return to school in a safe, orderly and efficient manner, we hereby release the "Notes on the Return to School of Students and Teachers in the Spring Semester of 2021 of Weihai Institute of Technology", so that the institute can do a good job of enrolling students.

I. Returning time and requirements

1. Returning time: March 15, 2021 (the third day of February).

2. Specific arrangements.

8:00 - 10:00: Department of Modern Service, Department of Hotel Management, Department of Intelligent Manufacturing.

14:00--15:00: Department of Moral Education.

3. When returning to school, all take the east gate and enter according to the prescribed route.

II. Points to note when returning to school

1. You need to show your health code and trip code when you report to school at the beginning of the school year.

2. Students and teachers in the province must provide the morning, afternoon and evening temperature measurement records within 14 days.

3. Students and teachers from outside the province are required to provide the nucleic acid test results within 7 days before returning to school and the record sheet of morning, midday and evening temperature measurements within 14 days.

4. Students and faculty with the following conditions will be temporarily suspended from returning to school.

(1) A history of personal and shared relatives' sojourn in high- and medium-risk areas of the country within 14 days prior to returning to school.

(2) Individuals and relatives living together who have a history of residency in foreign (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) areas 14 days prior to returning to school.

(3) 14 days before returning to school, individuals and relatives living together have a history of contact with confirmed or suspected cases of Newcastle pneumonia.

(4) Those with fever (temperature ≥ 37.3°C), dry cough, malaise, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, etc. 14 days prior to returning to school and have not ruled out symptoms.

(5) Not feeling well on the day of return to school with a temperature ≥ 37.3°C

(6) Other circumstances that make it unsuitable to return to school.

Students with the above conditions will be suspended from returning to school after verification with their parents by the classroom teacher.

III. Notes for Students

1. Do your self-protection according to the above precautions and report to school in a staggered manner.

2. After sending the luggage to the dormitory, gather in the classroom and have the class teacher count and report the number in time.

3. Local students should try not to bring a lot of luggage and oversized suitcases to school.

4. All students are not allowed to return to school early, but can postpone the return time with the approval of the class teacher, considering the bus and journey, and the opening hours of the student residence.

Note to parents

1. Parents are not allowed to enter the school gate when returning to school.

2. Parents must urge students to wear masks when they go out.

Parents must wear masks when picking up and dropping off students, obey traffic rules, and not gather in front of the school.

V. Other Arrangements

1. 14 days before the start of the school year, the college will set up a person to conduct daily statistics on the daily location and physical condition of the staff and students.

2. One week before the start of the school year, class teachers of school classes will ventilate the classrooms and dormitories of their classes in advance, and clean and disinfect all areas for hygiene.